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Routes / Re: Tour Divide 2013
« on: October 15, 2012, 09:16:11 am »
I have been riding at least 12 hours a week in the saddle and several fast MTB rides mixed in one or two every other week if not each week. Also riding at Rays Mtb park in Cleveland Ohio after my morning ride. I'm not sure how training will change this winter. I'm a little worried. Cleveland winters can be difficult. So swimming and cold cold rides. Everyone I talk to has a different opinion of how to train for this. My goal is to have fun as I push it. I only have 35 days off from work including travel time to and from the divide. I also psych myself out at least once every other week! I already have my gear from previous camping so I'm as ready as I can be with gear. Here we go! Good luck break a leg all!!!!

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