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Routes / Re: D&R Canal Trail - Road Bike
« on: March 21, 2013, 11:49:11 am »
Thanks, indyfabz. I might try to ride a good portion of the main canal this Saturday, just to give it a look before the more intensive trip over Easter Break. I will make sure to post back with my findings if/when I do.

Update: I rode the whole length of the trail on knobby 32mm tires. For me, it was not a problem. I imagine a mountain bike would be more comfortable. I rode over the cobbled sections, except for the first/last one at New Brunswick, with water cascading over it. It's a great ride!

Routes / Re: D&R Canal Trail - Road Bike
« on: March 18, 2013, 05:24:37 pm »
Thanks, Tina!

A few questions:
1. Which section of the trail did you ride?
2. Do you think the cobbles are so bad that even 32mm tires wouldn't suffice?
3. I've heard that the campsite is closed this year. Do you know of any nearby areas where one could camp?

Routes / D&R Canal Trail - Road Bike
« on: March 17, 2013, 05:47:29 pm »
Is is possible to ride the D&R Canal Trail on a road bike? Or are mountain wheels necessary?

Thank you for all the input!

Again, it is reassuring to hear that the route is more or less feasible, and that it has been camped before.

I am in my exam season now, but I will take a better look at the route and camping options over the next couple of weeks.

I will also look at the Florida Connector route and purchase the map. My only immediate concern is that it seems longer than the route from Marco Island to Ft. Lauderdale, which raises some concerns about fitting it into the schedule. But it may not be an issue.

Any advice on sights worth seeing in the area?

Appreciate the insight, Westinghouse! It is reassuring to hear the journey is feasible.

I have a few questions:
1. From your experience, I take it that camping is a feasible option? Even in Key West itself?
2. Do you think a winter bag is really necessary? Average lows seem to be around 18C/65F.
3. Is cooking on an alcohol stove feasible? Are there markets one can buy food from?

Thanks again,

This would be my first touring trip-- I'm looking for any advice/insight.

My spring break (I'm a grad student) is February 22 to March 3, more or less.

I live in NYC, and I figure that the NY area will not be ideal for touring during that time of year.

Florida is relatively cheap to get to (I'm thinking JetBlue), and since it is warmer I will not have to worry about carrying winter gear. Travelling light is ideal since my bike can only fit Ortlieb FrontRollers on the rear rack. In case any major mechanical failures arise, I'm still within the US (mobile phone signal) and hopefully not too far from a solution.

I'm thinking of picking a soft case to pack the bike in, and to store the soft case with Bags To Go (

Right now I am leaning on sleeping out (bivy sack + light sleeping bag), but I still have to research how feasible that is. I go outdoors pretty often, most of the gear is ready. Military service, so I'm not unfamiliar with more austere conditions. Again, not sure if that is feasible at all on the route.

I still need to pick out some cycle gear (better saddle and shorts, some repair tools/replacement parts).

I'm thinking about 60 miles a day. Still have to check out the route in detail. Three days to Key West, maybe a day there, then two days from Marco Island back to Ft Lauderdale. Sleeping out would allow some flexibility in the mileage, staying in would probably involve fixed destinations.

Any advice or insight? I'm grateful for any help.

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