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Routes / Re: Northern Tier / TransAm Start Date Question (E to W travel)
« on: January 11, 2013, 01:01:15 pm »
Hey guys,

I tried to find a similar post to my question and remembered seeing it somewhere, but couldn't find it and therefore I just want to use this thread to ask my question since it is kind of similar.

I'm planning on doing a E-W trip from NYC to SF this summer/fall. It's supposed to go to Cedar City via the TransAm, then down the Grand Canyon Connector towards the Southern Tier. Then to the Pacific and up the coast to SF.

I can start earliest end of July (around 25th) and with my calculation (based on my previous touring experience) I would probably be around Pueblo (or in the Rockies) around late September/early October. I know the TransAm can be ridden "until September" according to the website, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience in riding the part until Cedar City around late September/early October?

I know it differs from year to year, but how are my chances of  being able to pass the Rockies around that time (open passes/weather is the problem I am guessing?).

I think the weather conditions would probably be perfect for the rest of the route (late summer in the midwest, fall in the west/pacific), but it's the Rockies that I'm worried about.

Thanks a lot for your help already :)


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