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General Discussion / Re: Newbie - Quick Intro
« on: January 29, 2013, 12:00:13 pm »
found this forum by accident, but excited I stumbled across it. A little bit about me, I live in Southern Wisconsin. I have a road bike, and a mtn bike however my preference by far is on the trails. My road bike is a very old school Specialized Alez, I love it, but it is more of a spinning bike now. My mtn bikes are a stumpjumper comp, also an older bike, but I love it, its been through a lot with me. My third, and newest bike is a stumpjumper FSR expert, which I bought because it was just not cost affective to update my older stumpjumper. My favorite trails are singletrack and fast gravel roads such as logging roads. A little off topic, but a little not, my latest endeavor are extreme obstacle courses, If you know what the tough mudder is thats what I want to do. I'm working towards my first one, so if anyone wants in I'm looking for a partner to do it with.

General Discussion / Re: When You Are the Only Cyclist in the Family
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:50:30 am »
I"m kind of in the same situation. My family always comes first and and as we all know bikes are not real friendly on the "parts" my hobby had to be put to rest for a little bit, and still is although I'm finally back on a spinning machine at least. My wife loves to bike although I like going out on a sunday ride with her, my idea of real ridding is much different. I thought buying a new bike updating from my old one would give me motivation, and it has, but family plans put things on hold another year (not that i'm complaining). for me, the hardest part of getting back in the saddle is finding someone with the same motivation and skill level to ride with.

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