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These bridges are now completed and the route is open.

Map 51.  Bridge out over Island Creek between point A and B on 1002.  Use Sidbury Rd. as alternate to avoid major backtrack.

I did the route as recommended be am now in Durham, NC.  NC route 4 was very nice. The only unpleasant section was off route going from Yanceyville to Durham on Highway 86.  However, I was able to find some excellent roads about halfway that were superb. 

Thanks again for the help.

That is excellent.  I think I could buy a detailed NC road map and use the Open Cycle Map site to highlight the route.  Thanks again!  Joe

No problem.  I think I can still follow that route with my electronic gizmos and help of a little local knowledge along the way.  Thanks again!  Joe

Thank you!  That sounds exactly like what I was hoping to find! Do you know of the NC routes are available online?  I am on the road and would not be able to order the paper maps.

I am in the final month if a 3-month West-East Transamerica tour and am currently in mid-Kentucky.  At some point, I need to break off the trail to get home (Charleston, SC).  I was hoping to go through Durham, NC to visit some old college buddies.  I could take to Transamerica all the way to Richmond, VA and take US bicycle Route 1 south, but this would add many miles and I do not have the time (I need to be back at work on July 1). I was hoping to find a more direct route once I get over the Appalacians, say from the Roanoke area.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the responses.  That should help a great deal.  Joe

I will be starting a transcontinental bicycle tour from San Diego on April 1st.  I am looking for a bicycle shop in San Diego that would accept a UPS or FedEx shipment of my bicycle and put it together for me. 

Any Recommendations?

Joe Dobson

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