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Routes / Re: Route 93 Arizona to Montana
« on: March 24, 2013, 01:07:22 am »
Thanks again Dave,
I appreciate the information and your photos are awesome.
I hate long false flats, would rather tackle an 8% grade,  at least you know what your getting, lol
In regards to alternate routes, I am committed to every mile of 93, I realize there are a number of sketchy sections but I am committed.
All the best, and thanks again for  the feedback.

Routes / Re: Route 93 Arizona to Montana
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:13:33 pm »
Thanks Carla and Indy,
That is just the info I'm looking for, I appreciate you responding.
If you want to follow my progress,

Routes / Route 93 Arizona to Montana
« on: March 21, 2013, 12:03:32 am »
 I am partaking in a solo trip from Wickenburg AZ back to my hometown, Jasper Canada late April/May.
Jasper is mile zero of Route 93 and Wickenburg is the end point. I am not sure if anyone has cycled the complete length but if so I would love to hear from you.
I'm also looking for info on elevation gains normal wind directions etc for any and all sections.
My itinerary is pasted below, if you have info on any portion I would like to here from you.
Thanks very much,

Route 93 end to end, draft itinerary (All dates, places and milepost are subject to change)
April 22-Wickenburg to Wikieup 121 km April 23-Wikieup to Kingman 90 km April 25-Kingman to Boulder City 125 km April 26-Boulder to Las Vegas 45 km April 28Las Vegas to Alamo 154 km April 29-Alamo to Pioche 130 km April 30-Pioche to Ely 176 km May 1-Ely to Currie 123km May 2-Currie to Jackpot 207km May 4-Jackpot to Shoshone 120 km May 5-Shoshone to MacKay 175 km May 6-MacKay to Salmon 180 km May 7-Salmon to Missoula 225 km May 9-Missoula to Whitefish 219 km May 10-Whitefish to Jaffray 150 km May 12-Jaffray to Radium Hot Springs 110 km May 13-Radium to Lake Louise 130 km May 14-Lake Louise to Hilda Creek 120 km May 15-Hilda Creek to Jasper 120 km

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