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1 good address to get help for touring:

You can write in english, everyone can read it there...

I cycled last summer from belgium to lissabon in 4 months with 60 miles sharing road with cars... amazing routes there!

General Discussion / Help Victoria Island BC
« on: July 06, 2013, 02:59:50 pm »
Hi there!

In a couple of days we take off for a three week trip. Anyone cycled on Vancouver Island and have tips for us what to do? It can be also be other side activities like hiking. We already found like the Goose trail and the lock side but it seems that everything we find of routes are from the southern part.

If there is not enough to do for three weeks we can also go to the Olympic Peninsula off course so tips are also welcome there...


General Discussion / Re: Cycling US = Crazy?
« on: March 27, 2013, 02:00:57 pm »
Welcome to American Cycling!   

Perhaps from your name you are from Belgium?  If so, I understand you are worried.  Compared to Northern Europe, cycling in the United States is not well supported by our road system.  But, it is possible!

Keep in mind that unlike areas like the Netherlands, many automobile drivers in the United States do not respect cyclists.   Because of this, it is important to keep aware and alert at all times to vehicle traffic.  Many drivers will, sadly, assume that it is your job to clear the road for them.   This can be upsetting at first.  But many, many Americans do cycle and enjoy cycling so it is possible to adapt. 

When I cycle in Europe I need to adapt also.  It can be hard to realize that motorists actually do give right of way to cyclists in some regions!  But, it is perhaps a more happy adjustment.  :-)

For your immediate question:  I am guessing you are in Banning, California?  If you are still there, below is a quick suggested route to Joshua Tree based on using Google maps for walking directions.  Google is often incorrect for cycling in the U.S., but the walking directions are sometimes helpful. 

Perhaps those directions will help you request local assistance. 

Another tip is to seek out local cyclists for help.   

Google shows a bike shop in Beaumont, telephone (951) 916-4600.  According to their web site they are open on Sunday from noon to 4 pm ( 12:00 to 16:00)

1. Head east on E Ramsey St toward S Murray St   0.5 mi
2. Turn right onto N Hargrave St   0.1 mi
3. Turn left onto Johnson Ln   2.7 mi
4. Turn left onto Malki Rd   59 ft
5. Turn right onto Seminole Dr   1.1 mi
6. At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on Seminole Dr   4.1 mi
7. Turn right onto Kimdale Dr   1.1 mi
8. Turn right onto Rushmore Ave   0.2 mi
9. Turn left onto Tamarack Rd   4.4 mi
10. Slight right onto Service Rd   0.1 mi
11. Turn right onto Whitewater Canyon Rd   0.1 mi
12. Turn left onto Whitewater Cutoff   0.7 mi
13. Slight left onto Old Morongo Rd/Painted Hills Rd   0.4 mi
14. Turn right to stay on Old Morongo Rd/Painted Hills Rd   1.1 mi
15. Turn left onto Windhaven Rd   236 ft
16. Turn right toward Old Morongo Rd/Painted Hills Rd   0.1 mi
17. Slight left onto Old Morongo Rd/Painted Hills Rd   1.1 mi
18. Turn left onto CA-62 W/Twentynine Palms Highway   25.3 mi
19. Turn right onto El Reposo Cir   85 ft

thx for the help! we decided to hire a car and now we are doing joshua tree, las vegas and death valley. after that well take a train to flagstaff. we looked at a lot of options and you can take here in the area samall roads but eventually there is always a big road we have to take... hopefully from flagstaff it will be quitter.

General Discussion / Re: Cycling US = Crazy?
« on: March 27, 2013, 01:57:11 pm »
I'm not sure if it is a fair comparison but it would seem that drawing conclusions about cycling in the US based on experience in southern California would be like deciding drivers in Europe are insane based on a trip across Milan. 

But I'm pretty sure that:
"Starting a bike tour from LA to Grand Canyon without researching the route" = "kinda Crazy"  ;)

They are indeed crazy but you don't have to ride at the same road with them. I cycled in Juli, august and september from Belgium to Portugal. I've driven around 10 miles in total on a road that we had to shared witch cars... thats the difference.

I hope you are right and outside California it will be hopefully better.

General Discussion / Cycling US = Crazy?
« on: March 24, 2013, 01:22:35 am »
My girlfriend and I are on a 14month trip. We first did Europe for 3 months and then 5monts souteast asia and now we are ending with 6months in the united states. We are cycling here for 10 days and its just awful to cycle here! No bike lanes, crazy drivers, ... Each day it best more awfull. Even thinking about hiring a car sometimes ;-)

We are looking for a way to get alive and well to cycle from Banning to Joshua Tree - Death Valley - Vegas to Grand Canyon. From there we start to cycle with the maps/routes of cycleorganisation. Anyone has info for us which roads to take?

Sorry for the bad English,

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