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Canada Maps.

jim_bo09 reported that his Canada maps have not arrived after 6-8 weeks. When I ordered my maps, I was told that paper copies of the two Canadian maps were not in stock. In their place, I received two .pdf files which I printed out onto 8 A4 sheets of paper and stuck together with tape. Not pretty, but as they were electronic files, they were in my hands much faster than the paper copies for the rest of the route. Perhaps ACA can send you the .pdf files?

Thanks to all for their help in dealing with this issue. Apparently the Legacy Trail is now complete and provides a fully off road means of getting to Canmore from Banff. It therefore seems to me that at present, the best route is the Legacy Trail from Banff to Canmore then the Smith-Dorrien road to the route at the end of Spray Lakes.

I found the following updates from Albertta Parks very useful:
and click on
Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and Spray Valley

I will be departing from Banff on 17th August and would appreciate your company, Juan and Cristina. I have all of the maps. I will be staying at the Y Mountain Lodge in Banff, arriving late on 15th August and departing on 17th August. Feel free to email me at

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