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Routes / Re: Cross VT Trail
« on: June 29, 2014, 10:38:11 am »
You can camp anywhere in national forest provided you're 200 ft from water and 200 ft from trail.  Even if you're not on public land, it isn't difficult to find a place to stealth out.  No need to pay for camping.

Routes / westbound nortern tier, partners wanted
« on: June 29, 2014, 10:34:17 am »
I'm westbound on the Northern Tier, currently in NY and looking for partners.  This seems like it's going to become boring otherwise, moving fast-n-light.  100 miles/ day in the hills, 150 miles/ day on the flats.

Anyone else out there?

Routes / Re: Rainwear for the GDMBR
« on: May 26, 2014, 09:13:36 am »

This discussion has largely missed a major point:

You're going to get wet riding in the rain, it doesn't matter what you're wearing.  Waterproof/ resistant fabrics (even if they claim to be breathable) won't breath to the extent that your body emits moisture during exercise.  Furthermore, water will find ways to seep in: you're on a bike.  The key, in my book, is staying warm, not dry. 

I rode the divide way back in the day and carried full gortex rain gear and neopreme booties: my first foray into wilderness travel.  I've learned a good deal over the years, and fabrics have changed.  My set-up would now be much different!

My feet get cold riding in the rain even on a warm summer day, booties rectify this issue.  A shell jacket with a hood (sil nylon or precip style jacket) and perhaps pants.  Hood is best under the helmet.  Pants (of same material) are optional.  Look into these materials because they are lighter and less bulky.  And weight is a consideration:  extra gear will slow you down, you don't need it!  You could easily ride the GDR with 15 lbs or less of base weight gear, a Bob of course, would double this as the trailer itself weighs 14 lbs.

An ibex, icebreaker, or smartwool long sleeve shirt will help keep you warm if you intend to ride in the rain.  While synthetic fibers are hydrophobic and wick, wool is one of the only materials that retains loft has insulating properties when it's soaked.

pm me and I'll give you my phone number if you'd like to have a chat concerning this stuff..

MDXIX -- Do you feel this thread will receive more attention where I originally posted it, where riders in other locations are likely to read it who have possibly ridden the Portsmouth variation, or where you have moved it to a just a regional discussion?  I was attempting to reach as many people as possible.

Any suggestions for routes starting in Portsmouth, NH and connecting to the Northern Tier?  I'm throwing together an impromptu ride and have 30 days.  I'm also looking for areas where I can shave miles off of the total trip.


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