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Routes / Biking to District of Columbia, from Chicago, IL
« on: October 16, 2013, 11:39:23 pm »
I'm curious to know if there would be any biking safe route from Chicago to DC, How long such trip will take on the intermediary - level (40 - 60 miles a day) and what a wise advice could be for someone planning for such trip. I'm assuming itinerary should include crossing Illinois (obviously), Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania or North Virginia. Questions are:
1. Do each of those state have bike routes crossing the state end to end and connect to another one?
2. Is Inn to Inn planning possible for a single and couple of persons on such a trip?
3. If taken on a 50 miles a day basis and 6 days a week, how long it could take to complete?
4. Is any health issue or other biologic issue known for bikers of Sundays who undertake such trip?

I would appreciate direct contact and sharing on this forum and thank you for been here.


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