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Connecting ACA Routes / Re: starting Vancouver finishing Tucson
« on: December 15, 2013, 06:15:42 am »
I really appreciate your suggestions, we are flexible with dates so have considered riding south the north to get an earlier start on the trail. South to north sounds better for all the reasons that you've outlined as well jamawani; having cycled in Patagonia we know how unfavourable winds can affect your travels! I have cycled the Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper a couple of times so know what a beautiful ride that is. I'll check out the crazy guy entries as well - thanks for the tip.

Connecting ACA Routes / Re: starting Vancouver finishing Tucson
« on: November 25, 2013, 08:07:38 pm »
Thanks so much for your really helpful reply John. I'll have to get my maps out and check out all the routes you suggested. We lived in Vancouver for one year and have already cycled the icefields highway (Jasper to Banff) twice. The reason we were planning to begin in Vancouver was to visit friends there and then cycle down to visit another friend in Bellingham, WA. before setting off south. But .... we're very flexible ... any responses/suggestions? Thanks again.

Connecting ACA Routes / starting Vancouver finishing Tucson
« on: November 25, 2013, 04:48:49 pm »
Hi,  We are 2 Australians and we plan to fly into Vancouver in mid June 2014 then spend July, August and September cycling in the US (we love mountains, quiet roads, camping and National Parks). We thought we could follow the northern tier route from the West Coast, then join the Great Divide Route to cycle south. We'd like to make detours to check out Yellowstone, Grand Tetons & Rocky Mountain National Parks and finish the GDR at Antelope Wells. Following that we'll cycle across to Tucson (this reads as though it's a smaller, bike friendly place to finish with an air connection) to pick up a flight home via L.A.  (or could anyone suggest a better finishing point for transport back to L.A. eg with bikes on buses/trains?) Has anyone ridden a similar route from Vancouver to Antelope Wells or have and ideas/comments or spectacular detours that they could suggest? Any suggestions for this route or other riding in the US will be most welcome. Many thanks!

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