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International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: May 17, 2014, 10:10:51 pm »
Thanks worked like a charm. I sent the links to some friends and family that want to track us . Yes there is talk on the list about going to the coast and doing a boat trip out to an island that is lovely. Did you read that on the list ? There is a pic of a metal snake sculpture there that is very cool looking. We pack light so I am not concerned. But we did buy to soft bike bags that are 10# together and if I can't get the IH people in Nantes to let me mail them from Vienna and then hold them there for us I will have  to cart them the whole trip !  So far the girl in Nantes said she would ask her manager but I haven't heard back today, I will try her again next week. We need them for the French trains so we can take our bikes to Holland...they don't allow bikes that aren't taken apart if you want to go out of France on Thaylis trains. irritating !  See you soon ! THANK YOU for the maps !  I think we will take the train from the airport but you never know...maybe we will is 40 euros so I know we won't do that !  c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: May 17, 2014, 06:19:18 pm »
WOW!! You have been busy !  I love the maps you sent. How does one get to the place on the map so that one can move it left/right/up/down as on map quest  ? I never can find a place on the screen for doing that...all they have is the + - on the bottom right.

Yikes the airlines is really getting you aren't they ?!  That is terrible. We have to pay the 150.00 for the bikes but then we get a checked bag and 2 carry ons. So we are checking 2 rack bags and carrying on our 2 panniers each. We use tiny panniers and pack very light. May actually only bring one rack bag.

Your post plan to ride down the coast sounds great ! We have no plan :) We want to do some in the Netherlands as we lived there in 1988-89 and our nephew is in den Haag now and we want to see him before we go back to the states. As the trip goes forth we can talk and see what is what...may add on more with you if that is acceptable to all.

We are very excited. getting in a lot of miles...did 130 or so this week and added weight in the packs too. I am sure we will be ready as this is way easier than any other tour I have done. Will see you SOON !!   c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: March 02, 2014, 08:35:06 am »
Sounds like you have a plan. I was told by another person that AF3V would take pay pal so sent all my papers in for the 3 of us that are going and sent the membership dues by pay pal . Sent them an email that said what I did. Never heard anything. Sent another email..nada. Then I get a note that says we got your papers and you are excepted but..where is the money...duh...I sent it pay we don't have it. I called pay pal..yes they have an acct an yes they have it. Finally this past month after I sent the money...I get a note...OH you are right !! We have it , you sent it pay pal :)  Yes...I told you I did. Well they said thank you but DON'T do it again. So I will wire our money like you say in April most likely as I don't quite have all of it. We have an apt for the 3 of us in Vienna. It was quite inexpensive on VRBO and is in the historic district and has a washer/dryer and lovely kitchen and views. Great reviews and I heard back from him very quickly when I used.....drum roll....Pay Pal ! Yeah. We are flying is only one hr stop in Paris from Atlanta on the way and nonstop from Amsterdam on the way home. Price was only a small amount more than others are paying for lots more stops etc. We are taking the train from Nantes to Amsterdam at the end of the AF3V ride and will be using Warm Showers to ride all over Holland till Aug 5th. I will likely be ready to come home by then !!   

Keep me posted as to your plans. Look forward to meeting you .  Thank you for posting back. c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: February 03, 2014, 02:59:56 pm »
Yes I got it too...I am one of three that are going together. I have been communicating with another fellow also. He said Marc said that paypal was OK to use. So I sent my registration money for all 3 of us via paypal this AM  :-X....right before the email ! I am not sure why they don't say to use charge on your end and very very small on theirs.I added 3 euros to cover charge...paypal shows the charge so you can adjust amount. I will use it to send all fees to them. Good Luck..look forward to meeting you !!!  I am going to try and preorder boxes from Air france or KLM to be at the Atlanta airport..they are big and allow only turning bars and pedal removal. Any tips you have will be appreciated. Thanks for the note.c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: January 23, 2014, 08:55:54 am »
That is great.At the worst I will combine the first 30% payment and the 17 Euro dues and send together. Will wait to hear from Marc. I am sure it will work out. Let me know when you hear. I never got the email on name is in the address list but it never came. I don't want to be missed!!! thank you. c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: January 22, 2014, 04:23:17 am »
Not sure why I never got the most recent email. My name is in the list but it has never come through. I sent off an email to Marc and asked if they could work out something to limit the charges on money transfers. He said to just send the forms for now pdf and they would look into a way to limit the charges. So I wouldn't do a money transfer just yet. You can email him and let him know that paypal would work....maybe they haven't thought of that. For now I am not sending any money. All banks seem to have a fee of $45..I found a list on the net when I Googled....let me know if you find a solution. THANK YOU ! The gal this AM emailed me and said she sent cash...a 20 euro note ....I am not sending cash. I will keep you posted if I hear anything. c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: January 21, 2014, 09:12:52 pm »
Did you get the info today about the registration ?  It didn't come through from Marc...if the woman hadn't cc'd me I wouldn't have gotten it even though my email is listed. Not sure where it went. Anyway have concerns because it is so expensive to wire funds for the fees. It is $45 US everytime one sends a money wire. I have written to Marc to ask if we can use a postal money order and send it snail mail. The money adds up so fast !  Look forward to hearing from you. c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: January 10, 2014, 06:48:42 am »
I see that I was mistaken...I didn't read the Zone 3 correctly !  Ah well...there is no free lunch is there :( ? I have not checked back on their site. If it happens then it does and if not we will just make other plans. Our flights are direct from Atlanta on Air France or we can do KLM. It is all the same and prices all seem to be about the same as well. They are cheaper up to mid May and then rise a good bit after that date, as the Summer fares start then.So you might want to look into going sooner than end of May. I hope that this works out !   Keep me posted and I will you also. c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: January 03, 2014, 06:30:01 am »
Me too  !!!! Let me know when you hear about registration and I will do the same. As an aside, Air France is the only airline that still has free bicycle transport! Also they use/allow the big box like on Amtrack so no tearing down the bike..just turn bars and remove pedals . So you will want to check that. It is on their site under sports equipment. Happy New Year! c

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: January 02, 2014, 10:12:38 am »
I used the new email address and got a nice reply in English from Marc Linsig , yesterday. He said registration is not open yet, but will be soon and that all questions about breakfast etc would be answered and that there was definitely room for my group of 3 to be in the tour. So did you hear also ? 

International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: December 30, 2013, 09:30:36 pm »
I just used the automatic \

I have an automatic translator that comes on so when I clicked to that website I was able to read it ...I am very disappointed also. We were counting on the evening arrangements for camping etc to make this more doable...rather than finding our own in that season...might be hard to do...ah well. I shall pursue it again with the new email address....I have this one from the what one did you use this time ?  thanks and hope it works out !  c


International / Re: Randonnée Vienne-Nantes - May-July 2014
« on: December 30, 2013, 06:46:53 pm »
There are 3 of us that are interested in this ride. I sent an email and the secretary did send me a nice note, in English, in response. She said that she would add our names to the mailing list and keep in touch with us . I sent another email the other day but figure this wasn't a good time of year as I haven't heard back this time . I did find a website with info that I hadn't seen before. It states that only 50 people will be taken and that the first 40 will need to be members of the VVV. It is 17 euros to join. Also some places say they provide breakfast and dinner and the other place with the number limitations states breakfast only. It says as many others are welcome to join the ride but will have to find their own places to stay. All that makes this considerably less likely that we will be able to do this from so far away. I am still going to pursue more info and registration starts January 2014 . Here are a couple links:

( shows breakfast only )

( info that states only 50 people etc)

If you get any other info would be glad to hear of it. Thanks c

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