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Thanks, JDFlood!

Hi staehpj1,

Thank you!!

Thanks everyone, for your help!! :)

Thanks, Danno!

Hi adventurepdx,

Thank you so much for the help!  :) Someone else told me also that I should box up my own. Thank you again!!


I need to rent or borrow a 48-52 cm touring bike near Portland, Oregon for a week in mid-June. I tried some bike shops already by emailing them questions about renting but no one seems to rent a nice touring bike. I don't want to bring my own touring bike on the plane for various reasons.

Does anyone know anyone who might rent me a bike or lend me one? I have a Surly LHT 50 cm with Surly rack, Schwalbe Marathon Plus Touring tires.

I am 5'7" and weigh 126. I have my own panniers and will be very careful with this bike.


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