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ACA Mobile Route Apps / Re: Base maps are "ghosted."
« on: January 18, 2022, 08:38:14 am »
Hi Mark, there are 2 scenarios where you cannot change the base map, so they appear "ghosted" or disabled. First is when you're navigating. You know you're in navigation mode when the bottom of the screen shows speed, distance and a stop button, and the map moves when you ride.  Second is when you're viewing a map offline. In this mode, we assume that you don't have network access so cannot change the base map to use google. Hope this helps.

Yes, it does help - thanks for the info.

One more thing to try... please delete the app from the phone and then re-install it from the App Store. After you re-install it, please verify that it works OK by loading the sample route and seeing the name at the bottom of the screen, verifying that the distance an elevation window works, and that you can clear the sample route off of the map.

Assuming that works, then you can restore the routes you've already purchased. Be sure that you're logged in to iTunes with the same Apple ID as when you initially purchased the routes. To restore your purchases, go to the Settings menu in the App and tap "Restore". Wait for a few moments and it will tell you what it restored. If that doesn't work (this feature seems a bit flaky), then simply purchase each route again. Because Apple tracks all of your purchases, it will tell you that you already own it and will not be charged again.

Let me know how this works.


Thanks for the screenshot - that's helpful. When you tap Clear button (the X on the bottom right) does the route disappear from the map? Then when you switch sections, going between section 10, 11, and 12, does the name of the section appear on the bottom bar, between the Elevation and Clear buttons?

I wonder if there a problem occurred when you downloaded those sections to your phone, since the other sections work fine for you.

Let's try this... I made a minor update to the descriptions of sections 11 and 12. In the app, please go to the Settings screen and tap "Check for Updates". It should say "13 routes checked, 2 routes updated". Then check out sections 11 and 12 to see if the elevation windows displays correctly. If not, try shutting the app (swipe up) and checking those routes again. If it's still not fixed, clear the route off the map (the X at the bottom right of the screen) and load the routes again. If it still doesn't work, please post a screen shot of the failure - that may give us more clues.

Thanks for your patience.


Routes / Re: Help Building a Trip
« on: April 28, 2017, 02:16:42 pm »
For an App recommendation, Adventure Cycling just published route-specific apps for Trans America Trail, Bicycle Route 66 and Pacific Coast. You can download them from The App shows the route on either Google or OpenCycleMap base maps, along with services like food, camping, bike shops, hotels, etc. It also has an embedded Google search feature, in addition to calculating distance along the route and showing elevation profiles. And if you plan ahead, you can download the maps to your phone or tablet so they works w/o cell service.

The apps have route sections that correspond to the paper maps so you can purchase just what you need.

Full disclosure... I built these apps in partnership with Adventure Cycling, so I'm plugging them here :)


Have you tried shutting the app (by swiping up) and restarting it? I wonder if that will fix the problem temporarily, if not permanently.


For offline access...

When you mark a tour as a “favorite”, the app downloads the track and waypoints to the device so you don’t need network access to follow it. As long as you viewed the route in sufficient detail when you were online, the Google “map tiles” (the images that comprise the map) will be available offline. This isn’t perfect, but it works pretty well.

We’re releasing a new version in a few weeks that resolve the issue with offline maps. When you mark a tour as “available offline”, the app will download the “map tiles” in the background (from Open Streets, not Google, due to license restrictions). Depending on the tour, this will take some time (10+ minutes) and use considerable bandwidth but once complete, the map and route will be 100% available offline.

Some features, like sharing photos and messages, work perfectly offline; they’re posted to the web once you go online. Other features, like finding food and lodging nearby, or posting your location in real-time, do require network access.

It isn't any one particular function as much as it is about redundancy.  GPS devices often have better battery life and are more tolerant to water. Smartphones have better information, including Search and blogs. Smartphones are also much more versatile because of the apps.

I led a small group of family and friends across Central Europe last summer and was very happy to have both devices, plus good paper maps.


As a lifelong cyclist and longtime member of Adventure Cycling, I wanted a simple app that I could use to find and follow routes, post my location and photos, and help me find food, shelter and gear from the road. 

So I built FrontPack. Think of it as a minimalist version of MapMyRide + Google, built for bike touring. A smartphone cannot [yet] replace the need for dedicated GPS device but it puts everything in one place and I always have it with me.

It’s available today on Android, soon to be on iPhone.  Registration is free. You can upload routes, download the app and follow your friends from the web site at

Feedback welcome.

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