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General Discussion / Re: [California] SF to SD Biking Trip
« on: August 15, 2014, 07:32:57 pm »
Hey Ali,

I'm going to be doing this ride at about the same time as you (Aug 23 - 30th), but ending up in Carlsbad, CA which is just north of SD.

To plan the route I've been using the book you mentioned and the ACA maps. The ACA maps seem a lot more up to date than the book (which was published in 2005). If you're interested I can share the spreadsheet that I've been using to plan the ride with you, though there isn't much else there regarding the route that isn't available in either of those two sources.

I can't really speak to the practicality of doing the ride given your skill level. I've ridden the section from SF to Santa Cruz and it's entirely doable if you start early and conserve your energy. There is a dodgy bit climbing out of Pacifica for about half a mile so be ready for that. I'm most worried about what will be my 3rd day which is Big Sur -> San Simeon which will only be 60 miles but about 5500 ft of climbing. It's also going to be along a section of the 1 that doesn't have (much of) a shoulder.

Hopefully I'll see you along the way. If you see a tall fella on a black Long Haul Trucker then that's probably me.

Have a great ride!

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