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Has anyone got a plan for ad hoc camping when there is no route per se? I would like to travel around a few states on back roads and very small towns. Sometimes traveling on gravel roads from town to town is shorter and definitely traffic free. The rural blacktop roads are traffic free too. But how does one find camping spots when one does not know what is ahead? I live in Florida and in the middle of the state there are a lot of wooded/open agricultural land. I also travel through the Midwest each summer into Missouri and Iowa. Lots of wide open country biking there.

I do not know if small towns will allow camping at their usual one park or if certain public areas would usually be permissable. Maybe its just a matter asking the local police for information and getting the nice small town treatment. I always wondered if something like a corn field drive way are treated as public domain or if farmers are friendly about bike touring campers when there is a wooded area just off the road. Is it as easy as just asking and always somehow finding a place for the night?

Has anyone taken the risk of not knowing where you are going to camp for the day?  Any ideas that have worked well? Are churches the answer? I do not want to participate in an evening of bible study and prayer, you understand. Nature is what inspires awe in me when I am outdoors.

!!!!!Great replies, Thanks Everyone!!!!

Your experiences are appreciated as I will soon have my own. Also, a big thank you for the websites concerning bike traveling. This has increased my own research at home before I take off.  And possibly will lead to contacts along the way for camping and assistance.

The need for electronics and Google maps is the modern advantage of touring. I have installed a very low drag hub generator that will charge my phone and a 10" tablet, plus lights of course. Now I have access to Google maps for bicycles, rail to trails, camps, restaurants, you name it.

Anymore touring websites out there that help you while you travel?

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