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Routes / Planning route from Birmingham, AL to Ann Arbor, MI
« on: March 25, 2009, 08:49:42 pm »
Has anyone done a similar route?  I plan on going to Ft Payne, AL and then cutting a path due North through TN and KY.  Will pass to the West of Cincinnati and then work my way north and east to Michigan.  Fitness should not be a problem and I am going to have my wife meeting me at my rest stops, so I will not have to carry all the gear as I would on a self-supported trip.  However, this will be my first time planning my own route so I could use some tips if any locals have any input.

I am using to plan the course, but it is quite time consuming and lots of times I find a good route (off the main highways), only to find that it might be a dirt road or some heavily industrialized road (mining or quarry) :-(



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