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This is Jim again. Has anyone ridden this route (town-to-town routing) from West Glacier to West Yellowstone?
Can you comment on the traffic volumes on these roads in mid-July? Would any of these roads be particularly bad?

From              To miles
[/b]West Glacier   Big Fork   39
Big Fork   Swan Lake   17
Swan Lake   Condon   29
Condon   Seeley Lake   27
Seeley Lake   Ovando   28
Ovando   Lincoln   27
Lincoln   Helena   59
Helena   Townsend   41
Townsend   Three Forks   30
Three Forks   Ennis   47
Ennis   Cameron   11
Cameron   West Yellowstone   59


This would be a supported, paved road tour.

Hello Everyone,

A group of friends are considering a ride from Glacier to Yellowstone next July. This would be a SAG supported ride with camping and lodging. We are looking for suggestions about routes. Want to begin by doing Going-to-the-Sun highway in Glacier and then head SE towards Yellowstone ending in West Yellowstone. We definitely want to do the Glaicer part, but is the rest of the ride a good idea? Are there better alternatives (more scenic, better camping, whatever)? Which ACA maps would we use? I am new to the forum and would appreciate input.


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