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Disregard that last post, I was referencing the wrong route map.
I now see that the AC Trans Am does go through Twin Bridges and Ennis.
The previous route was one I had considered until I realize there were few resources over that length of a ride.

From Ohio - Mike

Sorry for my slow response to your last post.
And thank you for the advise.

It doesn't appear that my route I will take will have me going through Twin Bridges or Ennis?
After Jackson, Mt. the route goes thru Dillion and on to Lake View and on into West Yellowstone.

Is that a bad choice?

From Ohio - Mike


Well, as a flat lander from the Heart Land, late May and early June can be warm if not hot, but I have already been warned of the cold and snow on the western mountainous part of  TransAm route. 
I figure 360 miles per 7 day week with arrival in Glenwood, Iowa no later than July 23rd.  Not a real fast pace with time for weather, mechanical or physical delay and spending time at the places where I may want to take in more than just the view.  That is about 8 full weeks on the bike with a few days to spare.
It sounds like you have considerable experience with the western routes, so please run that through your on board mileage calculator to see if it adds up.


Thank you for sharing so much information.

I do plan to cook, albeit simple meals of dried "Ramen Noodles" and an occasional higher priced Mountain House when I feel like splurging.  Oat meal with dried fruit. Walnuts, almonds and peanut butter, etc. to fill in the gap and provide protein I miss from meat.
We may have common tastes as I tend to avoid red meat and seldom eat any meat.  That diet has caused restaurant selection problems in the past, yet I seem to survive.  I have become good at ordering veggie sandwiches - BLT on wheat. Hold the B

Your photos are very nice.  The weather must have been terrific when you were there.
Were you traveling solo? Were there many other bikers on the trail?

I will do my best to take your advice, but you and jamawani have made me think I may need to start this trek a week earlier than planned to take full advantage of sights.  Reserving longer periods for just enjoying the surroundings will eat into actually riding.

How long did this tour take you?

Thanks again,

From Ohio - Mike


So the route through Lander to Muddy Gap then over to Casper via Independence Rock and Alcova looks to have more places to get water and camp.  Albeit a bit longer and with a view climbs.

Thank you and thank you for sharing the history of Jeffery City.

The story of Jeffery City is extremely interesting in an unfortunate way.  I can't imagine the number of families who were impacted by the process of "Boom and Bust".   

Maybe you can suggest a route out of Casper to Devils Tower?

From Ohio - Mike

Thank you jamawani,

Not real promising.  The handful of on-line photos of Shoshoni do paint a very sad picture.
What is the camping like say from Sweetwater to Alcova.
It may be better to to stay on 26 south through Lander and then north east at Muddy Gap to Casper on 220?


The ride to Devils tower recommended by jamawani may have me entering from the north then back down on the bike trail through Custer and Hot Springs.
So - yes, please share your experiences focusing on the places you overnight, cost and nutrition?   I will be riding alone and self contained unless I find some other straggler on a bike.  From Hot Springs the plan is to go to Chadron, Ne then east on route 20 to Valentine where I hope to ride on or parallel to the Cowboy Trail. 

Any local or first hand experience on that route would be of help as well.  Several related posts have warned of "Goat Thorns".  Nasty little flat makers they can be!  Any idea what time of year they will be an issue in this area??

Thanks to both of you and to AC for this tool. 

From Ohio - Mike


Can't thank you enough for the plan.
I have a step daughter and three red headed granddaughters living in Casper, so a route that does not see them is not possible, but I have been known to do a dumb lap or two, so maybe I can make that ride to Devils Tower.

How about camping on 26?  I see a camping Icon my Pilot Butte, but no drinking water.
Shoshoni surely has something.  The crank from there to Casper is 100 miles (doable if not into a head wind).  Anything on the 100 mile yawner?

Thanks so much - great to have local intel.

From Ohio - Mike

I intend to ride the west to east part of the Trans American route to south of Yellowstone.
Start date in late May or early June.  My route will then change to easterly near Lander, Wy. to target Casper, Wy.  then on to the Black Hills. Searches of previous forum discussions on bike routes from Lander to Casper were dated and lean on details.  Are there any preferred bicycle routes through what looks like a sparsely populated area of the high desert between Lander and Casper?

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