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Routes / Re: Southern Tier with no camping?
« on: March 16, 2016, 09:51:36 am »
Im currently riding east to west across the south. I did the Southern Tier route until NOLA then rode up to the DFW area. I'm now in southern NM. So far, I haven't had any problem finding a motel to stay at every night, but I have had some pretty long days- I'm averaging 69 miles a day, a little more than I wanted.

Doing the mileage isn't the issue, but I'm riding a Kona Sutra with front and rear panniers, so the wind through west Texas and NM has made some days long and slow- 75 miles at 8.8 mph. This is making me take more rest days than I was planning on, but it's worth it to me to stay inside at night. I don't think camping in howling wind would be very restful. Also, I rode through a lot of rain in west Texas and camping would have been miserable.

I've carried camping gear with me the entire trip just in case things go really bad one day, but if you're a strong, confident rider, I think you could get away without it. Me? I expect things to go wrong, so I'm going to keep riding with it until somewhere in AZ and then I'll ship it home.

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