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This is Jim again. Has anyone ridden this route (town-to-town routing) from West Glacier to West Yellowstone?
Can you comment on the traffic volumes on these roads in mid-July? Would any of these roads be particularly bad?
Ennis   Cameron   11
Cameron   West Yellowstone   59


I live half the year just outside of West Yellowstone.  On 287, it's a wide well maintained highway with good shoulders.  However, the rumble strips just inside the fog line make the shoulders not as enjoyable as they could be.  If you take Hwy 87 to Hwy 20 to West Yellowstone, only Hwy 20 will have moderate to heavy traffic.  If you continue on 287 to 191, only 191 will have moderate to heavy traffic.  Almost all of this route has 70 mph limits fyi.  The direction you're going is with the prevailing wind in that area.

                Jeff Jones
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