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Gear Talk / I want to tour …cheeply
« on: April 14, 2009, 04:33:45 pm »
I happened to have a couple months free and would like to do some touring, and I’m on a budget.  I have done some bike packing (ultralight, overnight endurance trips with stuff sacks strapped under seat and handlebars), but I’m new to what I would consider real touring.  My bikes consist of a fixie commuter; high end road bike; 29er full squish mountain bike, that I use for racing; and a ridged 29er.  I figure I’d use the ridged 29er for touring.  I have all the camping gear I need, but I'm not sure how to best carry my gear on my bike.  I’m thinking of riding the pacific coast route; or something through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Washington; and later, maybe the Great Divide.  I don’t plan on staying on pavement all the time. 

I’m not sure what would be the best way to get set up on my ridged 29er mountain bike.  I need to spend as little as possible.  As far as racks go, I’m pretty sure I’m limited to old man mountain racks, because I have a disk brake only frame and huge 29er wheels.  I’m wondering if there are less expensive racks that I could get away with, and I’m clueless as to which cheep panniers would work.  I have also looked and some trailers.  The Nashbar (bob yak wanabe) trailer is on sale for $100, but would it hold up?  Action bent says there trailers don’t fit 29er’s.  I’ve thought about converting a child carrier trailer, but they seem pretty wide for touring.  I have no problem modifying things, and improvising, just as long as I don’t get stranded. 

All advice, recommendations, warnings, comments, and anything else you have to say would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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