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We have just ridden Boise -> Ketchum via the Willow Creek singletrack option (June 19 - June 22). Here's report from the road:

Willow Creek Singletrack:
- Decker Creek Trail to the junction of 098 (turn F on the singletrack map) is in good condition, with frequent downed trees. We did some light trail maintenance moving smaller snags off the trail.
- After the junction of 098, it was a mix of hike-a-bike and technical uphill single track, until we hit snow at around 8300 feet. The snow is patchy for about 1/4 mile and a lot of snowmelt on the trail. The trail is findable if you follow the blazes on the tree, but there is still about 3 ft of snow in places. Afternoon snow was too slushy to push, so we camped high and continued in the morning when the snowpack was harder.
- Decker Creek summit is a snowfield. Mildly difficult trailfinding in the trees. The trail can be found if you scout ahead on foot. Snow continues down the eastside of the of the summit until halfway down to Willow Creek.
- Willow Creek trail is in good condition with occasional downed trees.

Main route:
Forest 277 is closed to vehicles about 15 miles east of Featherville due to a large mudslide. Barricades and road closed signs are posted, closing off the section between between Skeleton Creek and Boardman Creek. The washout has rechanneled a section of the Boise River, washing out the road east of Skeleton Creek for about 1/3 mile, turning the road into a white water rapid and a large beaver pond further upriver. (We saw a large trout swimming up the submerged roadbed. Hilarious.) This section is passable to bikes thanks to a narrow path over the large scree field adjacent to where the road used to be. You'll have to push or carry your bike for about 1/3 mile through broken cobble sized rocks and through some brush. The trail is clearly marked and obvious. Someone has also left pink flagging.

Here's a news article about the closure:

Dollarhide Summit: Passable for all vehicles, no snow on the road, the lupines are busting out.

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