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Thanks For your suggestions CG. Is Paso a better option than Lake Nacimiento?
Google maps suggests an alternative route from King City to Paso following the river roads, this looks quicker than the lake route but I guess it will not be as scenic.
Also, What is the gate at Hunter-Liggett, is that a military base? I will have my UK passport and drivers licence with me, will they be OK?

Looking at the alternative route through the Salinas Valley proposed by the ACA, I'm thinking of allowing three days to do this.
The first part looks fairly flat, so I'm thinking perhaps a 60 mile first day and stop overnight in King City.  Any thoughts on this? Is this a good place to stop over? It has both campsites and motels.
After that the route is more challenging so perhaps a second day of 40 miles and stop over near Lake Nacimiento, again, there seem to be reasonable facilities there.  Final day about 40 miles again into Cambria.
Any thoughts/advice appreciated.

SR 1 is closed from Sycamore Canyon Rd. just north of Big Sur (on map 47) to Ragged Point (on map 49) due to a mudslide. At this time (2/14/17) pedestrians and cyclists are stil allowed to use the damaged bridge though the next storm passing through may change this. See this Monterey County Weekly article for more information. To check the status of this closure, check Caltrans Current Highway Conditions at
Hi Jennifer
I was hopeful that cyclists would be allowed to use the trail that is being established around the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, but all the posts I see seem quite negative on this.  It seems that even if a trail is completed, it will only be open to locals.
Do Adventure Cycling have a campaigning/lobbying section?
If so, is it possible they could contact the local community services and lobby to allow bikes to be walked/carried through the trail?.
If you can put me in contact with an appropriate AC contact I would be happy to talk to them.
Overall I am very disappointed with the negative approach to tourists on the Big Sur, the contrast between this and the way we were welcomed in Nepal after their much more serious problems after their earthquake is quite noticeable.

ptr52, I see you are hoping for roads that are not busy and have decent shoulders? The regular route on HWY 1 in Calif has lots of roads that are very busy and have no shoulders.  Riders must be prepared for those types of roads on this route. Also, there are often wide trailers and vacationing drivers of all ages.  Use a mirror and be ready to get way over to the right sometimes. I left the road once for a speeding pickup truck that was hogging the lane and would not slow down when there was another vehicle coming the other way putting me in a pinch--all this on a minimal shoulder section.
Thanks, good advice.  I'm happy with the risks on highways, but I'm just asking here about what alternatives are available through the Salinas Valley.  Like most cyclists, I will take a better alternative if it is available.  Unlike the coast road, the Salinas Valley seems to have several options, I would just like to hear from some locals about the best routes down the valley.

Routes / Salinas to SLO
« on: March 15, 2017, 12:44:38 pm »
I am cycling the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to San Diego in April and May. 
If HWY 1 remains closed on Big Sur I will have to detour through the Salinas valley.
Can anyone advise me about the best/different routes through the Salinas Valley?
I have seen various route options but very little description of the routes and possible accommodation.
I will be aiming to cover about 50 miles a day, depending on terrain.
London UK

I am still hoping a way through for cyclists can be found by April, but if not I would be very grateful for some advice about the various alternative routes that have been posted.  They seem to vary considerably in terms of profile, use of highways etc.  Ideally I would like a route which is no more challenging than the original PCB route, and one which doesn't use roads that are very busy and have no shoulders. Also one which has reasonable accommodation or biker campsites.  Any advice much appreciated.


Hey Peter,

I'll also be touring around that time. I'm leaving from Florence, OR on April 2nd and riding to San Diego. I'm planning on averaging around 50 miles a day.

Assuming all the other road closures are fixed by then but the bridge is still closed I don't think there is a feasible way to make it around the bridge. The only thing I've found mentioned is the Pine Ridge trail in Pfieffer Big Sur State Park right by the Ranger Station, but that doesn't look doable by bicycle at all.

There is some talk of them making a trail for pedestrians to get by. I would think that would be passable if it actually happens.

"The Fire Brigade and OES are actively working with the State Park and private land owners to try and identify the possibility of putting in a trail around the bridge. Our plan is to look at the State park area on Tuesday when hopefully the rain stops."

Here is my alternate route if I have to skip Big Sur:

Hi Opus
Thanks for the alternative route. I hope we don't need to use it. From what you say, you will probably be going through about 10 days ahead of me.
I agree that the slides should all be clear by April, the real concern is the bridge.
On Google maps there do appear to be some alternative tracks, so hopefully the Fire Brigade can negotiate a route with the landowners.
I have also posted on the local newspaper site, asking if anyone knows a route round the bridge, if I get anything back, I will post it on here.
I really don't want to miss Big Sur! Last time I did this journey was by car in 2008, and Big Sur was closed then due to the fires.
Thanks again

General Discussion / Re: Aussies cycling SF to LA re Big Sur
« on: February 19, 2017, 04:03:01 am »
Note that one of the Hwy 1 bridges in Big Sur is closed at the moment due to structural damage from a recent mudslide. Keep an eye on the CalTrans website to see status when you are traveling. Right now it's closed to vehicles AND pedestrians, and there is no alternate paved route, so you'd have to go inland a good bit to bypass it, and miss one of the most scenic stretches of the California coast :-(

Thanks Brian, yes you are right.  That is the bridge I mentioned in my previous post, and the photos look bad! What I am not sure about is whether there are any footpaths or trails that could be used as an alternative by cyclists (even if you have to push or carry your bike!).  I have posted this question on the ACA forum relating to the Pacific Coast Bike Route, but I have not had any replies yet. I am hoping that touring cyclists and/or walkers with a good local knowledge of the area can tell me whether it is possible to get along the coast with a bike, even if this bridge remains closed.  Looking at Google maps there do appear to be some trails in the area.  What is particularly frustrating for me is that the last time I tried to go along the Big Sur in 2008 it was closed because of the fires!

Hi All, This is my first visit to this forum. My wife and I plan to cycle SF to LA and are having problems acquiring accommodation in Big Sur for 31 March, 2017. We are carrying our own gear but not tenting. Can anyone give us some advice.
Melbourne, Australia.

Hi Gordon
When I was planning this ride, I originally intended to do it without a tent, but I eventually decided to take a tent, simply because of the flexibility it gives in choosing places to stay, and more importantly, distances cycled each day.  There is also the problem of having to book ahead with motels etc, whereas with the hiker/biker sites I understand there is never a problem getting on to the sites.  I also worked out that I could save the cost of lightweight camping gear even if I just avoid just a few nights in expensive places.  Just thought I would share my ideas with you, hope you have a great trip.

Hi Jennifer
Thanks for this information.
I have been to the Big Sur blog and seen the photos of the damage to the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge.

It does not not look good to me.
I will be cycling down the PCBR from SF to Mexico starting on 22 April 2017.
I wouldn't be surprised if the bridge was closed completely by the time I get there.
Do you (or anyone else!) know if there are any alternative routes round this bridge if it does need to be rebuilt?

When I say alternative I mean anything practical for a fairly strong touring bike, unmade roads, trails where I would be permitted to walk with the bike etc.



General Discussion / Re: Aussies cycling SF to LA re Big Sur
« on: February 18, 2017, 05:53:57 am »
Hi All, This is my first visit to this forum. My wife and I plan to cycle SF to LA and are having problems acquiring accommodation in Big Sur for 31 March, 2017. We are carrying our own gear but not tenting. Can anyone give us some advice.
Melbourne, Australia.
Hi Gordon

I will be following you down about a month later!
I will be continuing on to see my daughter and grandaughter in San Diego.
I'm getting quite concerned about the state of the road on Big Sur, not so much the landslides, but the bridge at Pfeiffer Canyon, which does not look good.

Let me know how you get on! Good luck

London UK

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Easytrails App - Loading tracks
« on: January 15, 2017, 04:50:21 pm »
Sorry if this has been dealt with elsewhere, I did search but could not find anything relevant.
I have purchased the Section 4 and 5 Pacific Coast digital maps and I can view them successfully using the free GPX Viewer app on my Android Phone.
My daughter bought me an IPAD 2 for Christmas and I would like to view the maps on the IPAD, but GPX Viewer does not seem to be offered for IOS devices, so I have downloaded the recommended Easytrails app onto the IPAD, (free version) however, I cannot see how to load the digital gpx files from the ACA. Can anyone tell me:
1. Does the free version of Easytrails let you load tracks?
2. If it does, can someone give me a clue as to how it works.
Many Thanks

Thanks John

What is the policy at the biker/hiker camp sites?  Do they always accommodate cyclists who turn up irrespective of how full they are?
I am not sure if I need to book anything in advance, I don't want to book any more than I need to as it commits me to a fixed schedule.


I will be cycling from SF to San Diego in April and May 2017.
Does anyone have any experience of the HI hostels in SF? (Or other hostels etc in SF)
I am looking for budget accommodation with bike storage.
Also any advice on accommodation between SF and SD on the PC bike route would be appreciated.
Apologies if I have missed any relevant posts, I did search but could not find a great deal.

Routes / Camp Pendleton - access North to South for touring cyclists
« on: December 16, 2016, 07:57:36 am »
I am planning to cycle from SF to SD in April-May 2017.
I am a UK citizen and I cannot use the Camp Pendleton online access system for cyclists.
I have emailed the camp, and their advice is, basically, "turn up at the gate with your ID and they might let you through"
Does anyone have any first hand of trying this since they introduced the controls?
I do know a US ex serviceman, I suppose I could apply for general access? but I only want one-off through access.
Any thoughts on the best course of action?


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