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Routes / Re: Cross country in 8 weeks?
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:28:59 am »
I'm new at this using a forum, but I'm blown away by all of the replies to my original post. There is a lot there to digest and a great deal of useful information. Thank you all for the responses.

Routes / Cross country in 8 weeks?
« on: December 26, 2017, 01:36:59 pm »
I live in New Hampshire and want to ride solo cross country in 2018. I figure I can take 2 months off for the ride, anytime from May to October. I've read a number of books and have researched some, and it seems just as many people complain about a headwind riding West to East as people do riding East to West. I'm open to starting in either direction. Originally I'd wanted to fit South Dakota into the ride. I've been to the other 49 states, and wanted to check SD off the been there done that list. But SD is not a must. I can always fly there with my wife sometime for a trip.  I plan on staying in hotels. I typically ride a road bike but did purchase a touring bike and my first overnight trip was 172 miles round trip with around 3500 feet of elevation each day. That was about 6 hours each way with my loaded touring bike. I believe I can ride 60-70 miles a day average, taking a rest day every 7-10 days. Any suggestions on cross-country routes if I only have 7-8 weeks? For those who have crossed the country, is 8 weeks enough or am I thinking foolishly?

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