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I've been using the Back Rollers for quite some time now, for commuting (teachers have so much stuff to shlep around) and even with binders or stuff the like they are still in very good shape. Absolutely waterproof, never had any problems and even fully packed they are good to go. Only thing is: they have different "hanging systems" they call Quick Lock. The quick lock 2.0 are a little lighter but have a rigid back (contradiction in itself but that is how it is). The ones with quick lock 1.0 don't have that rigid back plate BUT can be folded and put into one another. However, the quick lock 2.0 seems sturdier to me. I know they are expensive but worth the money! If you buy the back rollers, then you can also buy the rack pack which can be clicked into the click things of the back rollers and hence put on top...

Gear Talk / Bottles or Backpack with Water Bladder?
« on: June 02, 2017, 05:54:29 am »
Dear Community,
I will be cycling the Trans Am from West to East as from mid July. My question now is: should I rather bring bottles / foldable emergency bottles or is a water bladder the better solution for the hot times? I used that riding in Germany a lot but don't like the sticky backpack as additional water reservoir... any opinions on this? How much water does one need in the Plains where it is super hot?
Thanks already,

Routes / Trans Am Company?
« on: June 01, 2017, 08:11:25 am »
Dear all,
As I will be heading out West from Astoria, Oregon on the 15th of June I was wondering if there are other people taking the trip to the East (also if you start later, maybe catch up?).
If you are interested in company, let me know :)

Gear Talk / GPS bike device for the Trans Am
« on: March 12, 2017, 12:56:31 pm »
Dear Forum people,
planning on doing the TransAm this year starting in Oregon Mid June. I have read about bike computers and the sheer abundance of them is just too much. Any good advice on GPS trackers for bikes (not cell phone in GPS mode) or watches that do the trick? All I want is to record the single everyday tracks so I can put together the puzzle at the end of the ride. I am all for mobile phones GPS apps but would prefer some Garmin device with a good battery life. Have a Powerpack and could charge it every day.

Routes / Re: European touring advice
« on: March 11, 2017, 02:54:47 pm »
Dear Young Tourer,

sadly enough, wild camping is a rather grey area in German law. If you put up your tent someplace you like and nobody shows up to shoo you away, perfect. However, my German fellow citizens like to be very duteous and might either report you or directly call the police when they see you camping while they walk their dog or something. As I said, it is a grey area and you never know what people will do if they catch you  :-[

Things are different in Sweden, for example, where there is the so called "allemansrätt" which basically means that you can camp on any ground that does not belong to anyone for 1 or 2 nights, making sure you pack everything you brought and that you don't litter the place or make a big bonfire. Not sure about small fires, you might want to look that up, not sure about any other northern European countries.

However, having made this really negative, camp sites in Germany are open to cyclists and the most I ever paid for putting up my tent, the bike and using the washrooms were 15€, which sounds a lot, but I could take the longest shower ever ;-) They are usually also equipped with washing mashines, tumble dryers etc. Depends on the campsite and their prices, of course. When wanting to tour Germany on one of our official trails get the respective copy of the respective trail guide from Bikeline or the Kompass Radführer(it does not let me post the links), we have those guides for most German bike trails. They give you everything from camp sites over hotels, b&bs and other information about mileage and altitude etc.

If you need anything else, feel free to email me as I live in Germany... I also have an overview map which features all of the official German long distance bike rides, I can easily make a couple of pictures of that map and send it to you. Just tell me if that would be of any use to you!

Germany is a beautiful country I, myself, have just started to discover and riding your bike in Germany is a great thing to do!

Best wishes,

Thanks a million for all that and taking the time to explain things, I really really appreciate that! Will practice the bear bag thing before I set off, so that I am prepared. Might have to get used to storing food in one place and not having snacks in every pocket ;-)
Talking about food: Here in Germany I use a tiny gas cooker which is attached to the gas cartridge. Is that of any use on the Trans Am or should I get one that can run on petrol to be able to stock up at a gas station? Any ideas on the average food intake? When touring Germany I eat in abundance, I guess it might get even worse on the Trans AM ;-)

Dear Jama,
thanks for your reply and all the information! Concerning the pass: Would you start out a little later then? Or is there any way around it? I have heard about the temps in Kansas but I am an early riser so that should be doable, even though I am not too keen on the heat but hey that's part of the package I guess. Concerning population: thanks for that, will then pack enough water and supplies!! I ordered the maps, a friend of my will bring them back to Germany for me in a couple of weeks. Are there enough campgrounds in the maps for the "more lonely area"? And: Is it bear country? So I guess I need a cord to hang up stuff right?

General Discussion / Trans American Trail time frame and companion?
« on: March 04, 2017, 01:12:03 pm »
Dear Forum People :) I am a German cyclist and I am planning on doing the Trans Am this year. Have a bit of time to spare and that seemed the adventure of a life time. I am a bit experienced, did some cycling and camping here in Germany but ride my bikes all the time if not working.
I would like to start out June / Mid June in Oregon and head out to Virginia and maybe further south from there depending on the state of my bike and me after that ;) I am comfortable with doing 80-90km/day, that is 50+miles/day, some days more, depending on terrain. I was wondering whether it is possible to do the whole thing in 12 weeks at the rate I would be going.
Gear is no problem as I have most of it already from former travels.
Meeting people would be great as I would travel alone as a woman and if anyone is interested in riding with me for a while, please do not hesitate to message me or comment :)
Thanks and all the best,

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