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Routes / Sausalito to Los Angeles HWY 1
« on: June 11, 2010, 03:26:37 am »
June 24th I ride South out of Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge and down Highway 1 to Los Angeles, actually all the way home, to Ontario. I am going with a group of 4 other guys. We all are riding fixed gear, and camping along the way. Planing on average 80-90 miles a day. I have read a few ride reports, even of fixed gear rides of this route. If anyone has done this here on a fixed gear I would love to know your chainring, cog sizes. I thought of even running a dingle cog, or two. Also any updates as to particularly bad parts of road which should be avoided, using an alternate route, or any other info that might be helpful. Thanks alot and Happy Safe Riding to all!

Classifieds / Shimano Nexus 8 premium red band / Mavic Open Pro
« on: September 24, 2009, 01:51:55 pm »
I have a shimano nexus 8 premium red band internally geared hub for sale, it is laced to a black msw Mavic Open Pro, stainles spokes, and silver colored brass nipples

Front wheel is the same Black msw Mavic Open Pro with the same spokes and nipples with a black Origin 8 sealed cartridge track hub.

I have a 16, 19, and a 22 tooth cog for the nexus which changes the ratio of all inter 8. I have a barrel shifter and 2 extra shifter cables.

Wheels are like new, had them built, rode them a bit, hung them up and started commuting on a fixed gear.

just over $600 invested, asking $400     I am located in Ontario California

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