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The Dace Ave bridge in Sioux City is closed due to construction. Use the posted detour that uses the 4th Street bridge. All work is anticipated to be completed by June 2023. See for more info.

Can you comment on the quality of the detour?

A couple things to note about the Salinas Valley Detour:

-If you ride the detour in summer, it will be MUCH hotter than the coastal route. The average high in Soledad in July/August is 99°F, vs. the average in Big Sur is 76°F. Proximity to ocean affects the temperature/weather significantly. Check the weather forecast before riding to ensure will not be riding in extreme heat.
-The detour will have significantly less tourist traffic than the coastal route in the summer, but you will have to deal with more farming trucks/equipment on the road. The Salinas Valley is one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country, nicknamed the "Salad Bowl of the World" producing primarily lettuce, spinach, strawberries, and tomatoes.
-The detour does NOT use US 101 at all, although it crosses it twice.
-There are limited services between King City and Paso Robles, a distance of about 62 miles. This section is also quite hilly.
-Most of the detour does not have shoulders, but it is also mostly rural with low traffic. Traffic will increase around the small towns, and recreational traffic will increase near Lake Nacimiento.
-The last 22 miles of the detour uses SR 46 from Paso Robles back to the coast. Traffic will be much higher on this 2-lane highway, but it has wide paved shoulders.

Here is a blog post of someone who rode the Salinas Valley Detour in 2017:

Also, if anyone has biked through Carmel Valley I'd love to hear how that is! I think that could be an alternate route for the detour.

We do not recommend biking through Carmel Valley. The road is very narrow, hilly, and curvy with no shoulder and short sight distances, making for dangerous biking conditions.

Here is the link to the forum thread from the last time this detour was posted in 2017:

A portion of the GAP trail is closed between Ohiopyle, PA and Confluence, PA (between mile markers 68 and 69) until April 28, 2023 due to construction. The trail is entirely impassable.

See for more detail.

Below is the detour we have used to get around landslides on Highway 1 in Big Sur in previous years:

The 147.9 mile detour begins in Marina, and rejoins the Pacific Coast route just south of Cambria. The detour does not use US 101 at any point.

California is currently undergoing historic flooding, so parts of this detour may also be currently flooded as well, particularly where it crosses the Salinas River. Please ride with caution and never attempt to cross floodwaters.

Hurricane Ian has caused widespread catastrophic damage across the state of Florida. The area surrounding Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Punta Gorda was the most seriously affected, but flooding and wind damage has also damaged infrastructure inland and on the Atlantic Coast. The Florida Connector Route is almost entirely affected. The northern portion of Section 7 of the Atlantic Coast Route is also affected.

There are three bridges on I-10 over the Pearl River where the shoulder narrows or completely disappears. Even if biking on the interstate was legal here, we do not recommend it for safety reasons. It would be extremely dangerous. I-10 sees a high amount of traffic, and a large percentage of that is semi-trucks.

ACA has designed a 117-mile detour to avoid the condemned bridge. It begins near Slidell, LA and ends in Pass Christian, MS. It crosses the Pearl River in Bogalusa. The highways in Louisiana generally have good shoulders, but the highways in Mississippi have narrow to non-existent shoulders. We tried to use backroads as much as possible.

See maps of the detour below. The RideWithGPS maps include services along the detour.


If you have already purchased the Southern Tier digital data (gpx files) from us, you can access this new detour for free by logging into your MyAdventureCycling account, navigating to your Purchased GPS Map Files, and clicking "Download" to receive the updated gpx data package. There are no services for the detour included in the gpx package.

If you have already purchased the Southern Tier in the Bicycle Route Navigator app, you can access this new detour for free by selecting Menu>Settings>Download New Map Versions. There are no services included for the detour in the app.

If you would rather ride the old 2019 Southern Tier routing (direct from New Roads, LA to Bogalusa, LA, skipping New Orleans, 125 miles), you can find maps of that routing below. Be aware that we did discontinue this routing in 2021 because of issues with limited/poor services, poor road surfaces, and dogs. This old routing connects to the detour described above in Bogalusa, which then connects to Pass Christian and back to the existing main Southern Tier Route.


UPDATE: I just got off the phone with the Louisiana Department of Transportation. It doesn't look good. Bridges have severe deterioration, need $250 million worth of repairs, no funding, no bike detour, no bike shuttle, no estimated completion date. It could potentially be years before US 90 reopens.

We are still recommending the taxi/Uber/Uhaul alternative, but we are working with a local biker to help us create a cycling detour which will likely go up through Bogalusa and cross the Pearl River on SR 10/26. Check back for updates.

Amy Wally
ACA Cartographer

The Ross Fork Fire ( burning near Alturas Lake in Idaho has closed a large portion of the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route. The route between Stanley and Galena Summit is closed. There is no alternate routing at this time.

The Trail Ridge Fire ( burning near Sula, Montana, is affecting the area around Lost Trail Pass and Chief Joseph Pass near the Idaho/Montana Border. US 93 and MT 43 are currently still open, but smoke is thick and the fire is expected to grow, which may shut down the highways in the next few days. The Gibbons Pass Alternate is closed.

We have created a significant 177-mile detour to avoid the fire. It begins in Missoula and ends in Twin Bridges, and includes some riding on I-90 near Clinton, and between Fairmont and Ramsay. Also use caution on SR 2 south of Butte. The road is narrow and windy. See a map of the detour here:

ACA has reached out to the Louisiana Department of Transportation, but has not received a response regarding this situation.

In the meantime, we recommend getting a ride in a vehicle across I-10 around the closure.

Don's Taxi Service (985-290-1525) has a Honda CR-V that can fit 1 bicycle in the back with the seats folded down.

For groups up to 3, you can rent a Uhaul ( to carry you and your bikes from New Orleans/Chalmette, LA to Waveland/Bay St. Louis, MS. Each truck has a bench seat which can fit 3 individuals.

You could also try to find an Uber that is able to carry you and your bike.

We will continue to post updates as we receive more information.

Amy Wally
ACA Cartographer

The area around the Goat Creek Trailhead/parking lot is closed due to construction, affecting the Canmore Cutoff. The Main Route should still be passable. See for a map and more information.

We've received a report from a cyclist that the bike trail between San Clemente and Oceanside near Camp Pendleton is undergoing construction. The trail is still passable, but travel may be slowed/delayed, and you may need to lift your bike over some barriers. No more information is currently known, check back for updates.

CLOSURE:The bike path from the south entrance of the San Onofre State Park to the Pulgas Gate will be closed for Camp Pendleton military operations from September 15 to 19 from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily.

There is road construction on SR 76 north of Marquette from turn A (junction with CR X52) to the Clayton/Allamakee County border, a distance of about 4 miles. There will be intermittent lane closures, with flaggers and pilot cars. See for more information and contact info for the project.

Double T Catwalk Resort in Glenwood Springs has lodging and is willing to pick up cyclists if they are nearby. 77 Catwalk Rd., 303-916-0621.

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