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Thanks Pat, I have fitted the seatpost clamp that has threaded holes for mounting the rack stays, so P-clamps on the seat stays are not necessary.

As for the rear dropout, there are holes in each side of the dropout above the traditional spot, but they are larger and not threaded.  I'll See if I can snap a picture or two tonight to show what my rear dropouts look like.

Gear Talk / Rear rack on 29er MTB/Disc with no bottom dropout mounts?
« on: June 22, 2017, 08:37:20 am »
I am outfitting my Gary Fisher X-Caliber 29er for a C&O/GAP journey and I picked up a fairly generic Topeak rack designed for 29ers with disc brakes.
That's when I noticed there are no threaded holes in the rear dropout to mount the rack.  Does anyone have a solution that isn't going to cost $150-plus to get a rear rack on my 29er?

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