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Bike Choice Question: 

I'm planning on riding from Boise to Ketchum late in August in order to ride Rebecca's Private Idaho grand fondo, Labor Day weekend.  That ride is best done on a gravel bike.  If I'm carrying by bike across the washed out areas, it shouldn't matter if I'm carrying a gravel bike or a mountain bike. 

My plan before reading about these washouts was to ride a drop-bar gravel bike with 700x45mm tires, with a relatively light load of bikepacking gear. 

I also have a drop-bar bikepacking bike with 29x3" tires or a flat-bar mountain bike with 29x3" tires. 

I'd REALLY prefer to have the gravel bike when I get to Ketchum.  If making it through these washouts isn't possible with that bike, I'll take one of the fatter-tired options. 

Thanks for the info!


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