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Sorry to tell you that over the last 2 days I cycled Butte to Wise River and Wise River to Hansen Ranch. Zero problems or evidence of fire. I did try calling the rangers but the woman I was put through to never called me back. Maybe a good thing for me!

I will ring the rangers tomorrow to check but I can't see any closures on the web in the area of the Divide Route. Where were you being told you couldn't go?

Thx for the offer but think I will plug on. Made it to Butte now (on official route through from Lincoln) and last 2 days ok plus rain last night was good. Phone is 805-319-9491 if any reason to talk. Am feeling like Route tail end Charlie for the year!

Is there any route from Butte to Wise River other than using I15

Routes / Ovando on GDMBR Map 1B - go there!
« on: September 06, 2017, 11:29:35 pm »
If you want a nice place to drop in, get advice, or stop, go to Ovando. They really like cycle tourists and you can camp for free in town as well as use wifi at the store. They are struggling for business as they are just off the highway so are really making a point of supporting the GDMBR.

I have just come through BC just ahead of the closures, over the Whitefish Range to avoid Grave Ck, then took to the road from Bigfork. The smoke is BAD, down to 100m visibility around Seeley Lakes. You wouldn't want to come this way even if you could. I am now at Lincoln and the route is OK from here at present but the visibility is still massively impaired.

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