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Great tips and route suggestions, thank you Pat! A couple questions:

You mention taking the "scenic route" from Tellico Plains into Nashville... any specific road/hwys that make up this route?

Instead of starting from Lake James, I could start from the airport in Charlotte. I'll be spending Thanksgiving at Lake James and could catch a ride into Charlotte before my families flight departs.  What insight do you have regarding the Southern Crescent train?

Thanks for your response John!

 I am approaching this trip with more of the "wing-it" mentality you mentioned. I left my job in August to travel for the rest of 2017 and 2018 so I have been successfully on the road driving, hiking, camping, backpacking for a few months already.  My days are free all the way up until Thanksgiving so I have plenty of hours to put into planning, making last minute purchases, etc.

I already have the basics for the trip - touring bike, panniers, camping gear, etc. and am in the works of obtaining the repair tools / spares that I don't currently have.  I mostly just need the assistance from yourself and other fellow bikers on the forum for suggestions on decent roads and routes in the area.

1. I am new to bike touring! And new to this forum!  :)
2. I have ridden 50+mi in a day but do not have much experience with multiple day long distance bike trips.  :(
3. I am in my 20s, am an avid rock climber, hiker, mountaineer, camper, etc.   8)
4. I am planning on riding the Pacific Coast Hwy next fall with my brother and would like to start building my experience level to ensure that I enjoy it.   ;D

Which leads me to the point of this post:

I will be spending Thanksgiving in Lake James, NC.  I have until the end of December to adventure in the South on my bike.  I am open to any and all trip suggestions. Thinking 2 weeks, 400-600mi?  I have looked at the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have also explored the possibility of biking to Nashville where a friend could drive me and my bike back to Wisconsin for Christmas. 

Thoughts? Suggestions? 


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