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Routes / Re: July & August to Cycle Europe: Where should I go?
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:29:54 am »
Hi! I'm writing from Italy

There are many of interesting cycling routes to discover in Europe! Coming from U.S., I think that London or Paris are both excellent starting points (I mean, easy cities to get by plane)

I suggest you to think about the Camino de Santiago (Santiago's Pathway), from Paris (FR) to Santiago de Compostela (ESP), riding on a medieval route through very old cities. The Camino was (and still it is) a pilgrimage pathway, so people usually sleep in common rooms sharing experiences and daily life. There are plenty of websites, take a look if you wish

You can think about the Via Francigena too, connecting Canterbury (UK) to Rome (IT), passing through French and Italian countriside and mountains, riding on the old Roman roads. And, if you wish, you can get Italy passing Switzerland. Once in Tourin (North-west) you can even turn to east cycling along the river Po till Venice, and then to ride south destination Rome.

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