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2019 and yes I did think that the eastern express looked the way to go IF I do it!! Frank Moritz has. done a great job on that one from the looks of it. The maps look really nice and I think I'd just make sure I had a slightly tougher bike for those rail to rides routes which might fit with some other stuff I'm thinking of doing.

I'd head for Salida though to see friends after Pueblo and it I did that I'd be tempted to go on to Moab via old road 90 and then I'm fulfilling a whole different cycling fantasy......maybe going on to SLC via Joes's Valley and then one might as well head up to Boise and connect back with the TA after that.  Stop me someone now!

Thank you both. Not an area that would have ever have occurred to me (I'm in England). I now just need to damp down the sudden fascination with doing the trans America!

I've mostly done 2-3 week trips around Europe (mostly camping but some b&b and hotels and I am a warm shower host). This time I'm looking for a trip to celebrate a big birthday and be away 1-2 months so I'm thinking longer distance but the trans am doesn't really appeal.

 I've done the big mountains and some interesting routes but these days I prefer to be not too far from a bakery, cafe and bike shop although I'm realistic that won't always be the case. I'd love to discover small town America and largely avoid the cities but have access to shops and restaurants with nice food and places to stay! Which region do you think might offer this to me? Looking at some routes I'm wondering if the underground railway may have some good options especially on the northern sections of the route.

 I've travelled in the west before and I'm probably looking for a slightly more populated area and I'd prefer to avoid non stop mountain passes. I quite like using bike to rail trails and country roads but I've had pretty varied cycling experience so I'm capable of handling most roads- I'm just more into zen cycling than traffic dodging!

1. What is your timeframe for riding this route? I don't have a fixed time frame. Most likely is May-September but ideally is July-August and I'm happy to be guided as to the best timing.
2. What kind of riding do you like? Dislike? I'm looking for small town America with cafes and bakeries and pretty scenery. I'm not looking for days away from services or daily mountain climbs but moderately hilly and the odd day in the wild is ok.
3. Are you interested in taking in historic or cultural sites? Definitely looking for culture and history- I am not a speed /distance hound. I quite like to put the miles in and then arrive somewhere to stay early or mid afternoon and see the sites.
4. What are your overnight preferences? Camping in campgrounds, stealth camping, hotels, Warmshowers, a combination? Relaxed- I love camping but some warm showers and hotels would be nice to break things up. I only look to wild camp if I'm in the wilds.
5. What is your plan for eating? Restaurants or cooking in camp? I prefer to cook and like to be able to get nice ingredients and to buy a nice breakfast after twenty miles or so!. I really don't like fast food chains but I'm realistic that there may be some fast food meals.
6. How many miles a day do you intend to ride? Roughly 50.

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