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"Please let this thread die."

Embarrassment to the establishment?


He dreams to obtain a large audience

I would not let this be a factor, driving force, and just let it happen or not happen. This would actually be my biggest concern with anyone or anything surrounding it. Although I gave Youtube as an example of "what if," it wouldn't be a "what if" I would probably encourage, suggest to someone, or chase that type of life personally. I couldn't imagine the type of human that would be the finished product of stardom in any capacity. I can be devils advocate on both sides of the fence on this. So I am not the best person for support here.

Personally if it was my son doing it or trying for an audience, I would encourage him to "not" do that and take another path personally. Not so much his journey, but the audience and stardom thing. I assume you will loose your soul in their eventually and not know who you are anymore long term. But those are just assumptions, I really wouldn't or don't know.

It's called being responsible.

Just out of curiousity, and not to compare apples to oranges here, but what about someone like her?

What if that woman eventually never gets it together? Society stops caring? She falls through the cracks? And she is homeless, busted out, and decides she wants to get on a bike. Wouldn't that be "irresponsible" of her?

What about a child that was put in other tragic gross context we can imagine up, maybe equally traumatic in it's own's their fault for not being more "responsible?"

I guess that I just don't see the difference between Betty Beautiful riding off into the world, having every Barney and Betty across the world opening their doors to her because she is sweet, well spoken, and "cute," and because she (or he if that be the case) is more apt with technology, maybe vocabulary, grammar, etc... than most, her world touring turns into novels, movies, and sponsorship, while his is a lack of responsibility.

Guess I just don't understand the difference is all. Because someone has telecommuting skills and can utilize the internet more based on their personality or looks doesn't seem very fare to me. That seems pretty "irresponsible" of a society to allow such indifference's to happen.

But maybe that's the Mountain Dew peaking.

"Hey, maybe you'd better lay off the caffeine a little. "

LOL...I did just have a Mountain Dew which I hardly ever have caffeine too. OK

General Discussion / Re: Salsa Vaya vs Masi Giramondo vs or?
« on: March 09, 2019, 12:44:18 am »
Hey John...what ball park do you think a wheel set would cost you from one of those local builders?

I am curious what kind of number I should be thinking about for down the road when I build a wheel set. I want the same as you, dynamo hub, 36 hole rims, solid known touring rim, DT Swiss spokes, etc... I was going to do the rear in a Shimano Deore XT hub.

I am curious to know what ballpark numbers others plan to pay or pay for similar builds.

"'s a mission."

Right on then!

It's OK...I get snorky people.

That's all fine and dandy, but the reality is, some people just are unable, can't, or just simply won't confound, fit in, comply. There is a laundry list of reasons why, and I can understand many of them today. I am not speaking for this young man, and I am not saying "everyone" should go do this now.

But he is doing it. It's being done. And sometimes you can just meet folks where they are at in life and bless them for whatever stupid reasons others will find a million different reasons as to "why" it is a bad idea or just stupid.

Life unsupported sucks. It's awful and it sucks. And someone just "suddenly" finding their inner bearings, moral compass, or whatever other societal norm they have to be squeezed into a box because they don't fit in somewhere else, and often times that box is awful within itself and more often than not, a dead end anyway.

If you don't have a mother and father that are gifted in some way in life from the onset, being family morals, strong work ethics, some type of education at least enough to self educate at some point, and even some financial support coming out of the gate, a hand up, can be extremely crude. Foster to prison pipeline statistics alone will tell you how flawed your thinking really is. Do you honestly think you just have something else in you that statistically, all those kids do "not" have innate in them somehow?

I didn't go through enough of the kids videos to see what his home life is like, what he was leaving behind, his hopes in this, etc... to speak enough for him. If he was a black kid in the hood, I would say, "Right on!"

I also think with as elaborate as his youtube channel is, just unpolished, and let's face it, the main character isn't your normal character type that appeals to a widespread American middle class working audience, but I think opportunities and doors "will" open for him just by what he is doing alone. He is also gaining more practical life experience in some ways than most people will get in a lifetime in his trip. Seeing the side to life that he is witnessing comes with it's own life lessons, experiences, and wisdom.

As far as my idea...there are thousands of people doing what he is doing right now just more supported, and lucky enough to have marketable skills to self support like typical tech nomad life folks can do because of their own luck of being born into better opportunities and education. They have gofundme and other crowd sourcing methods available to them also.

Not to mention seeing a community that praises so much on the kindness and hospitality of others throughout the world allegedly, even with forums, blogs, and articles dedicated to such things, and then profiting off of those stories in their own crowd sourcing, donations, etc... it would be nice to see folks utilize technology in other ways of doing cool things collectively and coming up with ideas that haven't been done before and giving opportunities to folks that might not get them normally.

You have seen the TV show "Idiot Abroad" correct? Seem to work out real well for those folks.

Maybe he is the next up and coming gets him a touring bike, and we turn him into the next "Human Abroad" kind of thing. He youtubes all of it, ends up touring all over the world, donations and some kind of a lotto system to where his next place to discover is, send his personality in to talk with folks and the locals, and as he grows and rises, more and more opportunities and doors open for him. Now it turns into a small production company and website. He has a couple of people employed, including himself, and I would say more wisdom and skills to last a couple of lifetimes of how to figure things out eventually.

Or...maybe he just gets blessed with a bike out of it and ends up riding his entire life and somehow that opened a door up for him along the way even if just spiritually. But more importantly, the community comes together and does something it never did before, and then people see how cool of an idea or event it was, and people in the community become inspired to do other things or even bigger ideas collectively to bless, help, support folks, or just because they can and it was fun to watch and be a part of.

The snarky folks can snark the entire time, and the folks who aren't snarks and might think it is a cool idea, might just donate something to the cause and watch something cool come together.

And I completely get that there will be people that just absolutely hate the idea all together, think it isn't right, get on the entitlement bandwagon, whatever....

But you have to admit this kid is brave, has guts, more than most people, his personality is rather unique and although a little raw, there is a sense of innocence and wonder to him. I think he will figure something out or life will for him. I think he will be just fine.

This is entiltement:

Not that kid on a $90 bicycle in the rain that we are talking about.

Just "some" thoughts...

Think that was done already wasn't it?

You always here these stories of how bicycle touring relies so much on the kindness of others when out and about in the rest of the world...get some world bicycling tour folks that have utilized that generosity out there in the world, and ask them to kick in a donation of something to help build a bike/gear/etc... Build the guy a full touring bike with proper panniers and all the gear from donated stuff. Don't tell him it's happening and surprise him somewhere on his journey. Utilize different platforms of social media in bike touring and see if the kindness that others have benefited from really will pay it forward to help him. Have all the parts sent to some place ahead of him to someone who is mechanical, would volunteer some time to do the build, have it waiting for him somewhere and surprise him with it. Would be fun to add to the Youtube channel too.

He needs rain gear if anyone is reading and has extra :)

General Discussion / Re: Salsa Vaya vs Masi Giramondo vs or?
« on: March 08, 2019, 07:18:36 pm »
Well that is great real practical experience! Glad you shared that! Although I don't own one, I like that Masi Giramondo and if you could get it in a frameset only, I would seriously be considering it more. Hopefully eventually they will release it in frameset only so folks can build it and avoid what you are looking to do which is having to build a whole new wheel set when you already got one with the bike. If you can afford it though and do upgrades like you are, that is a great way to go with that bike.

And I agree, it doesn't sound like you can go wrong with any of the bikes you mentioned. I actually wish I could own one of each personally :)

Thanks for the feedback!

General Discussion / Re: Salsa Vaya vs Masi Giramondo vs or?
« on: March 03, 2019, 04:21:31 am »
The Masi Giramondo looks like a great bike! And with Tubus racks as part of the stock build, that makes it even more appealing. I don't recall any other bike coming with this stock in the price point.

I am assuming you want 700c since you put it in with the Salsa 700c bike?

If you want a 27.5" tire and like this bike, also look at the Surly Bridge Club. On Geometry, they are very similar in many ways, both 27.5" tires.

The vaya is a 700c which IMO, puts you in a completely different tire and ride feel than a 27.5".

The down side with the Masi IMO is that the wheel sets are 32 hole rims instead of 36 hole on either the 27.5 or the 700c. It's literally the "only" downside of that bike. If they did a 36 spoke rim on that bike instead, that bike would be perfect in that price range and you wouldn't need to do a single thing to the bike. If you know you are going to be touring and more weighted, over longer hauls, then this is something I would be worried about and eventually would want to upgrade to a stronger wheel set. Same goes for the Vaya without looking.

The same thing applies to the Surly BC as both of these bikes only come in complete builds and both only come with 32 hole rims. Side by side, I think the Masi has better components and with the Tubus racks, it's almost a no brainer against any other bike. However, the Surly has more versatility in wheel set sizes from what I remember if you care about that kind of thing and you could even put 700c tires on the Surly.

Not sure on the Vaya unless you know you are going to be doing light road touring only.

If I was personally picking between these two bikes, definitely the Masi for the price point.

If you care about wanting to swap out and having versatility on wheelset sizes eventually, then I would go with a Surly. If you don't, then the Masi for components and Tublus racks. If I was building from the ground up and only doing it on a frameset, then I would do it on the Surly for the versatility in wheelset size since the bikes geometry is pretty close.

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