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Sounds pretty gnarly, definitely not a detour for the feint of heart.  I agree, I wouldn't recommend this as an official detour. Thanks for scouting this out, Sproket!

Correct, that is the detour I propose.

Regarding the pack trail, there should be a disclaimer that the trail "doesn't appear on any maps made after 2013 and could be overgrown or hidden.  Prepare for mild to appreciable bushwhacking and route finding."

Detailed directions for the pack trail: head north, don't climb over 100 feet and don't cross any rivers :D

I'm basing this off the proposal from the forest service, you can find it on the FS website here:

From that document, it looks like the damage is between the Big Smoky guard station and the South Fork Boise River, which means taking the pack trail should be no issue.

A thought: traveling in a CCW loop of the route, one could turn north at the South Fork Boise River, shortly before the washouts.  There is a dirt road for a short distance which turns to a pack trail for approximately one mile, which then links up with NF-12.  From there, cyclists can travel WSW over Fleck Summit to Smoky Bar and on.  As long as you're willing to walk the mile pack trail as required, it only add about 1.5 miles to the total trip.  Thoughts?

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