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Great Lakes / ACA Bike Tours and the Covid Virus.
« on: May 27, 2020, 07:42:48 pm »
 So far this year, I've signed up for one tour sponsored by a state wide  cycling  League. The route traveled had special appeal to me , Otherwise, the professionalism of ACA tours are my only option when committing to stateside tours.
That tour was cancelled. I got half my money back .  I wish to not do that again in 2020.

I wish sign  up for our ACA, Great Lakes Relaxed tour, starting in late September. So, I at least will wait a couple more weeks before signing up.
 A prediction. From reading re-opening  plans for Michigan ,  the use of public restrooms might well    become a problem.

Can a tour that is designed to be mostly a camping oriented tour, be modified into some kind of hotel oriented ACA tour. ?
 Should somehow , public restroom become a handicap, might some of those signed up with the Great Lakes Relaxed tour wish to double up and choose the motel option.
It might be the difference, between the tour being scrubbed or not. thanks

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