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General Discussion / Re: Stopping vs Rolling Thru Stop Signs ??
« on: June 05, 2020, 09:06:57 am »
In most states bicycles are viewed legally as vehicles.  Therefore you can get stopped for speeding (which I have) rolling thru a stop sign and failure to yield and so on.  Including but not limited to DUI and DWI. Now if there is no traffic and I am approaching an intersection with clear views I do slow but roll thru.  I actually had a state trooper stop me and thank me for slowing so that i could stop if requried.  Then as we are saying good by a car got tboned at the same intersection because they did not stop.  Evidently the troopers car was blocking the on coming car.

I understand stopping may have it's own issues but more often than not it will save your life.

But just as a vehicle I will take the lane when appropaite but keep to the right when appropiate. 
The only near miss with a car that I have had in 40 years was my fault.

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