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Routes / Re: Idaho Hot Springs Route - Stanley to Galena
« on: July 29, 2022, 09:36:01 pm »
In 2020 I rode CCW from Ketchum.  After leaving Galena lodge I took the old toll rode which was pretty much "single track" and not that much fun going uphill (since it was ST it would have been much more fun descending rather than climbing/pushing)  I pushed a fair amount of it as I remember.  Once i got to the summit I stayed on the road (75) as opposed to staying on the official  IHSMBR. Once I got to FR220 I was back on the route and had a terrific descent into a beautiful meadow/valley where I camped for the night. Unfortunately I lost my tools on the descent so i was a bit worried about having a mechanical on the route so the next day I rode 75 into stanley. 

here is my route for the day

Routes / Re: Idaho Hot Springs Route - Stanley to Galena
« on: June 27, 2022, 01:06:29 am »
sorry for the late reply as you may be there now or have completed your ride but I can only speak of the old Toll road which I road in the opposite direction to you.  It's good you are going CW as it's ST and was not enjoyable going CCW

I believe it is. I sent an email to the one provided on the website in the link in this thread back in Aug 2020 and he confirmed that construction had been completed.

That Coors sounds perfect, I soo wished I was offered a cold beer on my trip. I heard back from the FS and as you say he said the road is open.

How was the Air? Part of the reason I cut my trip short was the smoke, it was soo bad. I'm all set to go back this week to finish (CCW - Ketchum to McCall) but I can't see how the air has gotten better, at least on the northern section.  I'm leaning towards going back in May or June.

Thanks for the response

@jeebs did you make it through the construction zone?

I am in McCall as I write this going ccw. I spoke to a couple the other day in Stanley who just went through the construction on the weekend (ccw also)and said it was basically finished. They said it was no problem to get thru on a weekend so I think you would be fine if you clear it by Monday.

There is another road closure to be aware of and that is 474 out of warm lake to e. Fork road is closed to traffic from 7-4 on weekdays. They are patching sections of road.

They are pretty much finished south of poverty flats CG . I entered after 4pm by coincidence from the warm lake side as the trucks were leaving for the day.

Thank you for the update. I've been delaying my trip with the hope that they would be done in August as scheduled but it doesn't look that way.  Thank you for the map too!

Any local or recent riders know if the construction crews are there over the weekends?

Is this repair the section I have been seeing in youtube videos as I do my research for a possible ride? 
It's been in need of repair for several years?

Routes / Re: California lost Coast route
« on: July 25, 2020, 06:00:15 pm »

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