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Gear Talk / Re: Off the Bike Shoes
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:53:31 pm »
What about just regular running/tennis shoes? I rode a lot as a teenager with toe clips, then did not ride for like 30 years. Just getting back into riding, I naturally went with toe clips and have never used clipless pedals. I like the flexibility of micro-adjustments of foot position in my toe clips, and I don't think I am losing much power compared to clipless. My regular shoes are comfortable on and off the bike. I hope you don't think I am an abhorrent savage! :)

General Discussion / Re: Advice for Newbies about the Weather.
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:41:09 pm »
Thanks for the thoughtful words and it applies to me; a newbie planning a summer cross-country ride. Four panniers will be used, so I should have plenty of space for extreme weather gear.

Do you think my Big Agnes Copper Spur Bikepacking tent will hold up in pounding rain, or should I take a tarp as well? If a tarp is recommended, how does one use it?

I hold a key position with a small company and want to do the Trans America Bike Race, 2021. I am the only one in the company in my position, and have been with them for 5 years. It took 2-3 years to become efficient/effective, and the company is growing. I enjoy my job, appreciate my employers, and feel appreciated by them.

The summer is also our busy season, so my absence could have a significant impact. I don't want to have to find a new job, or start my own business, but I really want to do this ride, and I am aging quickly.

Do you have any experience with this? Can you offer any (realistic or sarcastic) advice?

Thanks, John.

TABR stands for the "Trans Am Bike Race", and yes, I plan on following ACA routes. I am on the older side (57) and fairly fit, and not fat, but do have some asthma issues. I have never done anything like this other than some local overnights, but am planning on touring; not racing, averaging 60-75 miles per day. Don't really want to walk much; just spinning and pacing along. I plan on using four panniers and camping gear, with motels or similar every 3rd or 4th night. I realize I will be in the back of the pack, and that is okay with me!

27 gear inches is not low enough in my past year training experience, which is why I am considering the Surly or GRX drive train overhaul. Thanks to this forum, I am enlightened as to the importance of considering gear inches.

I am deeply grateful for this forum, and for your replies!

Thank you, Aggie, for getting me researching and considering gear inches. I wish I considered this when purchasing the Diverge last year, but I guess now I have something to compare to. And I know the Diverge has it's place and purpose.

Again, I am new at the game, so here is my calculation. The Diverge has a 46/34 chain ring and a 11/34 cassette, and I am running Schwalbe Marathons that are 700 x 35c. The gear inches formula I am using is: Tire Diameter x (# of Chain ring Teeth / # of Cassette Teeth). So, 27.2 x (34/34)=27.2 lowest (or Granny) gear inches. If this is true, no wonder I struggle more than I expected. Please confirm I am doing this properly.

I am roughly calculating the Disc Trucker granny gear as 26 x (26/11) is about 19.9 gear inches, which is quite enticing if true.

Thanks also, Pat! My local shop did a great job installing front and rear racks. The front Blackburn rack was tricky, and both required some modifications. I can attach photos if you are interested. I have front and rear Ortlieb panniers, and three bottle cages. I was all set to do my first multiple-day trip when the California fires hit, so that got nixed. I am planning on "touring" the TABR; not racing, so perhaps the Surly might be the way to go, and to keep the Diverge for jetting around town. My local shop is checking on lead time.

Am new to touring but planning on TABR 2021. Have entry-level Specialized Diverge E5 gravel bike, equipped with front and rear racks, Brooks B17 saddle, and three water bottle cages. Am afraid my gearing won't be low enough for the tour. Considering modifying E5 with Shimano GRX600, or buying Disc Trucker, if I can get one. Local bike shop is checking on availability. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Enjoyed the video. Thanks for putting it together!

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