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I just finished the GML and came across the construction about a week ago, so this info might be a bit dated. 

The construction starts soon after Richford, earlier than I had thought.  At first, the dirt and gravel looked pretty rough and I was searching for alternatives on my phone but had none.  So I started slowly and soon the dirt became more compact and traffic eased considerably so it was manageable.

I had thought about the 105a detour and through the small road spur off of that, but that option was three miles in on dirt so I just kept going on the original 105 route.  The climb does start on dirt but ends about a third of the way up.




Thanks for this heads up.  I start the GML on Monday and will hit this stretch on Day 2.   I looked at the VT Trans website and it confirms what you say for the most part.  I called the road engineer:

Matthew Birchard
(802) 498-8348

He picked up on a late Friday afternoon!! And he was very nice and helpful.  Yes the road is all dirt.  He says it's compact with some gravel / pot holes since it's a reclaim project.  He did say that he's had bikers on his roads getting reclaimed before and while harder, he says the riders have been able to manage.   I mentioned a detour and he said they did not have one set up.  I asked about 105A and the border and he wasn't sure. The border is open to essential personnel - which bikers are not unfortunately.  May have to grin and bear it.

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