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Great Lakes / Re: Touring within Ohio, State Park campground policy
« on: March 14, 2021, 10:30:35 pm »
It's been a while, and I hope you've been able to start the conversation about a No bike/hiker turned away policy.
It's really another ask, but where I live in Vermont (I'm not a ringer - I grew up in IL and still tour annually there), there is also a policy of "leave no trace" camping in state parks - even when they're officially closed in the winter months!  This is a great help in the shoulder seasons, and often means I get the whole park to myself.  They only ask that I contact the local regional park office and let them know what park I'll be staying in. Yes, you'll have to dig a cat hole well away from the formal camping areas if you need that and there will be no potable water, but then again you'll probably get a lean-to to yourself.
It's a different ask, but it can be a great help when you have a change of plans on the road or need a place to spend the night.  Several states in New England have similar policies, but they don't advertise them.

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