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The more I learn about GPS the more there is to know.  I am planning to do the Transamerican ride in 2024 and will be doing a deep dive on GPS to know how good it is as a tool.  Your inputs help greatly.  Thanks.

Thank you for the input!  As I drive deeper into bike touring I am finding Goggle, Garmin, and other ride planning and tracking systems all have their flaws and errors.  Thanks again.

To anyone who has biked the Adirondack Park Loop.  What was your total elevation gain (climb) and mileage for the entire trip?  The ACA website shows a total climb of 23,835' counterclockwise and 23,890' clockwise.  When I lay the ride out with Google Maps the total climb is only about 15,000'.  That is a huge difference.  Thanks very much for any information you can provide.

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