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Gear Talk / Tandem crankarm length
« on: February 12, 2004, 10:15:06 pm »
I just bought a used Trek T-100 tandem bike.  I think it's going to be fine for me and my 13-year old daughter next summer on Cycle Montana, but I have two concerns that you more experienced cyclists may be able to help me with.  First, the crankarms are 175 mm.  Is this too long? I am 6 foot, and love the 172.5's on my road bike.  My daughter is less than 5 foot tall, and I worry about "beating her up" on the flats.  Would it make that much difference changing the arm lenghts to 170?  Second, my rear gearing only goes to 28T.  Is this a disaster in the making?  I remember how hard it was to climb Rogers and MacDonald pass last summer on my road bike, and I don't want to needlessly suffer.  Any suggestions?

Gear Talk / Any suggestions on which bike is best for ....
« on: February 12, 2004, 09:57:01 pm »
I commute to work by bicycle, and am happy with my 2002 Cannondale Adventure 700 hybrid.  That said, if I had to do it over again, I would purchase a Jamis Coda (either the Elite or Comp) "street" bicycle.  These are steel bikes that weigh around 23 lbs., but have very well thought out componentry.  Their gearing is mountain-bike (XT rear derailer, 11-34 rear cog) and they use 700 cc wheels - great combo for touring.  The flat handlebar and Shimano rapid-fire shifting is just like my Cannondale.  I purchased a Jamis road bike last Spring and have never looked back.  They're a great, and I think sometimes overlooked company.  FYI: I use the commuter pantier available from Jandd ( that I think is one of the most clever, useful piece of cycling equipment I own.  I hope this helps you.
Welcome back to cycling!

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