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Connecting ACA Routes / Los Angeles to Western Express/Trans-Am
« on: May 31, 2007, 11:03:14 pm »
I live in LA and have ridden this way a few times.

The I15 route is the most straightforward, but you will
have a few long days in the desert. Here is my notes
from one of my rides :

14E South/Orangethorpe
21N Harbor/Brea/DmndBar
15N Towne/E ArrowHwy
13NE SummitAve/frontage to Devore
19N CajonRd/I15/fr (motel at Cajon Rd)
11N H395 to Adelanto(motels)
12N H395,
9E ShadowMtnRd
21N/E NatTrailsHwy to Barstow(motels)
19E I40/frontage to NewberrySt
6N Newberry
4E/N Riverside/Harvard
41E I15 to Baker(motels)
49E/N I15 to CalNev border(motels)
34E/N I15( to Sloan(motel)
13E/N Blue DiamondPkwy/MarylandPkwy Fremont, 15th,
         Stewart, Eastern, LVBlvd,Lamb (many motels)
39NE I15 to Glendale(motels)
42NE I15 to Littlefield(motels)
22NE I15 to AR/UT line,
8NE I15 to StGeorge, Exit#8, 1W to Motel6
50NE I15 to CedarCity(motels)

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