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Gear Talk / SAFARI racks
« on: January 12, 2008, 04:03:20 am »
yes, if you pull the trailer- this bike is sure OK. But you can't put loads of gear on the rear.
That's what I'm talking about- I've seen lots of long distance bikers pulling trailers with this bike but as far as I have found, no one has seriously gone far with loaded rear rack. At least, I haven't seen one.

Also, how's the disc brakes working? Ain't you got any problems with them? I ride hydraulics on my racing bike and it's awesome but on tour I don't think it's so easy to cope with even though they're mechanic ones.


Gear Talk / SAFARI racks
« on: January 12, 2008, 12:57:22 am »
hey, yes, thanks.!
as this forum is completely dead, I had this convo later on where I got loads of responses which resolved my question in a day.

Yes, the rack probably is bombproof enough for some weekend riding but not expeditions. Knowing that you can't carry much more than 20kg on the rack, it's just plain miserable. The more I look at the bike, the more I understand that it's not an adventure bicycle at all as they claim it.
The only solution as far as I know would be a custom made steel rack but I doubt if the bike is really worth it.
The guy from the above mentioned site checked his Safari and his Tubus Logo- it would fit BUT the rack was a lot higher than the stock rack, and so the lower mount rail for the panniers was actually about the same height as the top of the stock rack. That's not cool. Also the rack was too high for the connectors that are on the seat stay. So...
No one could say though if Tubus CARGO would fit on the bike. Does anyone know on here maybe?

Yes, I've heard about the front also and the best solution would be Tubus Tara which is widely used on Safaris and as far as I know- fits perfectly.

Overall, this bike would be really good for some decent loaded touring in europe but definitely not expeditions in third countries through remote areas which I need a new bike for. Unless, of course, I mount a custom steel rack on it.

Gear Talk / SAFARI racks
« on: December 12, 2007, 07:02:09 am »
My question- Novara Safari. Knowing that the rear rack which comes with the bike is dodgy and I don't like it at all, is it possible to change it to tubus or something more expedition-like rack? I'm asking because I don't live in the states so I can't just walk to the store and check myself + the bike has disc brakes which means the threads are kinda like in difference place I think and the rack itself there seems kinda stupidly upright. even talking bout the front- there are only some that fits the bike on the fork so I'm not sure at all. does anyone know? safari is a pretty nice bike to buy from all the cheapos so I'm considering to order it but well there are some questions so please help, anyone. THANKS.  ;)

Gear Talk / Touring Pedals
« on: December 12, 2007, 09:52:11 am »
Yeah well about being wet... Personally I'm a racer. I had my Sidi Action 2 SRS on tour and that was the biggest mistake I've ever done. Sidi's are the best thing riding a fast XC steed but definitely not touring. But the mistake was that I took them on tour and that was it. I'm not talking about being wet as like..feeling discomfort but a serious danger.! Personally I don't mind getting my shoes wet or moist but within a day I got a trench foot!! There you go your "I figure you WILL be wet when touring either because of sweat or because of rain." :) bullshizzle, wearing wet clothes is a plain stupidity, you gotta change your clothes and stay warm and dry. Of course, the low latitudes don't count much but as I was riding beyond the polar circle wearing Sidi's was the biggest mistake; after 10 days you start to understand that the most comfortable racing shoe ain't gonna mean much on a serious tour. cheers

Gear Talk / Touring Pedals
« on: December 12, 2007, 07:21:49 am »
I don't know, I use my shimano SPD's and I couldn't go anywhere without them, I think for touring it's the best choice. Actually I've thought much about buying a pair of combos as you said- platform + SPD too. Because there have been situations when all of my shoes were just wet and weren't gonna dry because of all the sloppy and cold weather so back then I wished I had a pair of just normal platforms so I could put on my sandals and just pedal till my SPD shoes get dry.  ;p

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