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Gear Talk / STI shifters for XT drivetrain?
« on: October 03, 2004, 04:15:55 am »
That's basically the setup our Santana tandem has.  Works well.  A chain keeper helps some.  Tweaking by a good bike mechanic (like Mark at Walt's Bike Shop in Columbia, MO, if you're ever by this way) helps more.
Dan Vinson

Gear Talk / Burley vs Bob on road tour
« on: July 18, 2004, 08:47:12 pm »
Dear List'izens,
We rode the TransAm in 2002 on a tandem with panniers and a Bob.  The trailer worked well.  But the load on the rear wheel of the tandem contributed to a rim failure, among other problems.  So we're thinking about switching to a Burley Nomad for our next big tour.  The Nomad's two wheels carry 90% of the weight of the trailer, decreased the stress on the tandem's rear wheel.
Anyone have experience touring with a Nomad?  Any problems with the right Nomad wheel dropping off the pavement?
Dan and Linda

Routes / Getting out of airports on a bike
« on: April 25, 2005, 02:06:45 am »
Dear Listizens,
We're planning a holiday in England and Wales in June.  Flying into Heathrow.  Any advice on getting out of Heathrow by bicycle?  And specifically from Heathrow to Guildford?
And, more generally, any good web sites on getting out of airports by bicycle?
Dan and Linda Vinson

Routes / Better Route West of Missoula?
« on: October 08, 2004, 10:49:32 am »
When we did the TransAm in 2002, we went north on the Great Parks route from Missoula, then west on the Northern Tier across Washington state.  The passes in WA were challenging, but the distance is about the same as the Oregon route and the traffic generally not bad.
Dan Vinson

General Discussion / Touring videos for training
« on: January 01, 2005, 05:00:19 pm »
With indoor training, the scenery doesn't change.  What would make it more interesting would be videos taken from a touring bicycle (or something going that speed).
Does anyone know of any such?
If not, might be a niche Adventure Cycling could fill.
Dan and Linda

General Discussion / State DOT links for bike routes
« on: October 03, 2004, 04:12:14 am »
For Missouri, go to and drill down to their PDF maps of the state.  Or go directly to
The maps are currently in draft form, and welcome feedback and input.
Dan Vinson

General Discussion / What really is Adventure?
« on: August 13, 2004, 02:07:51 pm »
Bilbo Baggins, when about to be invited on an Adventure by Gandalf, said it best:  "We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures.  Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things!  Make you late for dinner!"

We got a late start out of Charlottesville.  Partly because we were exhausted by the climbs coming into town, and party by the 4 AM knock on our motel room door, "Can I come in and hide from the police?"
The climb up to the Blue Ridge Parkway was a struggle.  We had 70 pounds of stuff on our tandem, and weren't used to hills, let alone mountains.  And we forgot about June Curry's place -- don't ask how.

We had driven that part of the Parkway before, but 8% grades on a bicycle are different.  We crawled up each hill.  It didn't help that the restaurant at the junction of the Parkway and US 250 was closed, and Pepsi can carry you only so far.  

By 10 PM, we were still miles from our intended goal for that day, the Tye River Campground on the way down to Vesuvius.  We rode on by the light of the almost full moon, with Jupiter and Venus bright.  Steve ("Bones") and Andrea came by, twice, insisted on helping us find a place to camp, and helped us pitch the tent in their car's headlights.  Except for a few drunken kids and a very persistent whippoorwill, we slept.

Yes, that's adventure.  "Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things!  Make you late for dinner!"  

Dan Vinson

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