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General Discussion / Re: Erie Canal with kayak in tow
« on: February 10, 2010, 04:36:55 pm »
What an interesting idea.

I rode from near Utica to Lockport summer before last with my son. Get the Guide Book "Cycling the Erie Canal". It's from New York State Parks and Trails. It's spiral bound with a map that covers 10 miles per page. Shows local sites, restaurants, bike shops, etc. Very handy.

About 70% of the route is on a bike path. Much of the bike path is packed stone dust. We had 700X28 tires which were ok for a very dry path. I definitely wouldn't use anything narrower and would feel more comfortable with a wider tire. If you have the option, go west to east. I've heard that if there's a breeze, it's usually that direction.

And thanks for the picture of the biyak (or is it a kaycycle), I'm going to paste it into an email to a friend who may ride with me and tell him I've made a slight change of plans.


Thanks for the detailed instructions. This summer, I'll be riding from just west of Boston to Niagara Falls for a reunion. The Mass part of this was turning out to be ticky. I heard of Rubel maps, but couldn't get my hands on the Central or Western Mass ones. I was told they're out of print.

Couple questions.

How long did it take you for the Albany to Cambridge part
How was SR9. Route 9 is very busy from the coast to 495 (about 30 miles outside of Boston)?
Was there a breeze following you. Minor point, but I went east to west on the Erie Canal route once and this annoying 5mph breeze was always in my face.

Thanks, Marc

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