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General Discussion / looking for advice
« on: October 20, 2003, 11:21:12 pm »
Hi everybody,
After making it slog through traffic every day for five months,
I'm finally getting my 5 mo. old Cross-Check out into the wilds
(as they are in tidewater, Virginia).
This is going to my first extended (more than one day) trip
myself.  I'll be leaving from my house on the 8th for two
weeks to check out as much of the south as I can and spend
some time alone with my thoughts.
I have some questions:
Routes leaving from Richmond, Virginia toward the
southeast? The Transamerica trail runs 25 miles north of
here, but I'm thinking that I'd like to ride southwest. I don't
know if there are any Virginians on this posting, but if there
are I would love some advice.
What were things you brought or didn't bring on your first ride
that you needed/never used?
What are the parts that are going to wear the most? fastest?
That I would be most unlikely to have thought of? Chains?
derailleurs? cables? I'm not too much of a mechanic,
although I'm learning.
What is something that you didn't think of at all before your
first ride, or that you think I might not have thought of?
Well, thanks for any help you can give.
happy trails,
Daniel Montero
Anyway, thanks for any help.

P.S. sorry webmaster and all for posting without a title

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