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Gear Talk / Re: Pannier Attachment Question
« on: April 16, 2010, 01:36:06 pm »
There are few things to consider when adjusting panniers to racks:

The first is the rack tube/pannier hook interface - the correct spacers should be reasonably snug - but it depends on the rack tubing size.  Jandd uses 3/8" tubing for that rack I believe which is 9.5mm in diameter and Ortlieb spacers are for 8, 11 and 16mm so using the 11 mm inserts will leave things a bit loose. This isn't a big deal, but I have used a special electrical rubber tape from Home Depot that just sticks to itself and put a couple of wraps of that to take up some space... it doesn't need to be that tight or it'll be too hard to get the panniers off.  Regular electrical tape can work - but I don't like to put tape on things as it leaves a gooey residue.

Next, the placement of the hooks should be such that the bags can't slide along the rails.  So the hooks on the panniers should be at the ends of the rails so they can't slide.  Ortlieb panniers have an easy and wide range of adjustability of those hooks.

The final adjustment of the lower clip should be arranged so that you can slide it behind one of the bars easily and remove it easily.  It seems to work so that I'll put one hook on the rail and tilt the pannier and then slide it down so the lower hook fits behind a rail as the other clip drops on the top rail.

I hope that makes sense...


Gear Talk / Re: Salsa Fargo - Lemon of the year!
« on: April 15, 2010, 04:19:55 pm »
One thing that often gets overlooked is that some tires have inconsistencies in the tread that'll make a fork wobble.  Did you try changing out the tires by any chance?

I have seen Fargos that are loaded with LOTS of stuff and this is the first one that Ive heard had a problem.  I'm not saying that there wasn't a problem - just that it seems highly unlikely that it's the frame design...


Gear Talk / Re: Bicycles for off-road riding
« on: April 07, 2010, 02:34:00 pm »
I agree with Endurodoug... I no longer own any 26" wheels ... I run 29er or 700c wheels on all my bikes and my newest build (hopefully done tomorrow!) will be a Salsa Vaya (great for dirt roads!).  The wheelset is one I had built using Bontrager Duster rims (they can be run tubed or tubeless) on DT Swiss hubs - they're 32 hole with heavy, straight gauge spokes for strength.  I've run them on a SS  hardtail 29er mtb with a rigid fork and a Fox 100 suspension fork. The same set will be  used on my on/off road tourer - the Vaya but now they'll get some 700x38 Schwalbe Marathon Cross tires. 


I've used the Black Diamond Megamid, now the Mega Light - for years ... it's VERY light (just over 2 lbs), VERY strong in high winds, LOTS of room.  I've been in one with 2 ppl and bikes and gear... and we were both comfortable.

Many folks seem to thing there MUST be a floor - but it really isn't an issue - even in major rain storm it works fine and I sometimes will bring a large plastic bag that I cut and used as a groundsheet - it weights a few ounces and packs smaller than the size of my fist.

I'm amazed more cyclist don't use these...


Gear Talk / Re: 10 speed vs 9 speed for touring
« on: April 04, 2010, 10:26:44 pm »
I'm new here, so first a polite "Howdy" to all!

Mike - I'd be curious to hear about your full set-up with the IRD cassette and why you think it doesn't work so well.

I just (like this afternoon) picked up a pair of new 10-speed Ultegra shifters from craigslist for $125. (The guy had upgraded and had barely used them!)  I figured that it was too good a deal to pass up.... I'm building a Salsa Vaya and will be running a compact double (34/50) so I'll be getting the IRD 11-34 cassette.  I was originally planning on staying with 9-speed and using some older 9-speed 105 levers from another bike... but they have quite a few years on them and when I saw the add for these shifters - I jumped on them.  I've got a some BB7 road discs, an XT rear derailleur, and a Dura Ace front derailleur that I've been using on a 'cross bike with a compact crank and it works really well. 

As one who has built all of his own bikes for many years, I've not had many problems with shifting set-ups... and I've mixed and matched road and mountain and even made some old Campy 8-speed and Shimano 8-speed work.  I know we're getting into much tighter tolerances here so I'll just have to wait and see once I get the frame built - it's currently getting S&S couplers on it!

I'd be interested to hear more about instances where the IRD cassette doesn't work and exactly why...

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